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  1. From MLB TR: "The Dodgers will place Uceta on waivers over the coming days. Between his prospect pedigree, youth, and bat-missing abilities, Uceta could be an appealing flier for another club. He still has two minor league option years remaining, meaning any claiming team could shuttle Uceta back-and-forth between the majors and Triple-A through the end of the 2023 season if he sticks on their 40-man roster."
  2. I believe the current rule is that we get first dibs even though LA is in the NL. We lost out to the D'backs on AJ Wendelken (who was DFA'd by Oakland) because at that time, the D'backs had a worse record than we did. And yes, I agree he would be a good acquisition for the O's.
  3. I believe it goes back to the record in the previous year, so the O's would "win" the tiebreaker.
  4. It was announced today that Torey Lovullo signed a contract extension. Previous contract was set to expire this year, but his new deal guarantees him thru 2022 with a club option for 2023.
  5. One thing that Nats Park has that Camden Yards needs is a live organist.
  6. Apparently the umpire was concerned that with the infield in, a foul pop up could be hit right to the tarp and the infielders wouldn't be able to get over there in time to catch it.
  7. Mancini is in tonight's lineup as the DH. Wynns is catching.
  8. rm5678


    The announced attendance for last Wednesday's game was actually 4965, not 7965.
  9. Yes, it started exactly at 1:05 and ended at 4:31. So you are correct, the Jays scored 44 runs in less than 24 hours. Amazing.
  10. Palmer is probably coming back starting this Tuesday night. After today's game, Garceau said to Ben "save travels home."
  11. And we might see him again in a few weeks when the O's go to Toronto for the final series of the season.
  12. Yes, it changed to worst record regardless of league. As someone said above, that's how the D'backs got JB Wendelken.
  13. Piggybacking them sounds like a good idea. Or they can start Baumann tomorrow night and give Harvey and Means one additional day of rest.
  14. I just checked and found that the Yankees are still selling tickets for tonight's game. As far as I know, they should be able to play. The 4 train is the one that goes to Yankee Stadium, and from what was posted above, only the 6 is still suspended.
  15. He was great against us (4 scoreless innings) before he was DFA'd. But he has also looked pretty good so far pitching for us too.
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