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  1. Scherzer says he would not approve a trade to the Mets. Also the Nats say they would not be open to trading Scherzer to the Mets.
  2. Brandon Lowe rhymes with "how" and "now." Nate Lowe (no longer on the Rays) rhymes with "low."
  3. She replaced it with "definitely."
  4. or the Nissan runaway bride commercial.
  5. I agree, although in the 2nd half of the game, she replaced "absolutely" with "definitely".
  6. The last time I heard Melanie do play-by-play was during spring training. She sounded much more engaged last night and was greatly improved. As for Sarah Langs, she knows her stats but her constant use of the words "Absolutely" and "Definitely" got a bit irritating after a while.
  7. The team definitely knew about it last night. Alex Wells got the call at 11:30pm last night to say he'll be starting the day game.
  8. He was still in St. Pete, apparently remained on the taxi squad instead of heading out of town.
  9. Some teams (i.e. the Nationals and the Yankees) have been doing split day/night doubleheaders this year, which means fans are paying for 9 innings but only getting to see 7. In a case of a split DH, each game needs to be 9 innings since fans are just paying for that 1 game. In some cases this year, fans had already purchased their ticket for a game and then it was switched to 7 innings after the fact. Very unfair since the teams are not refunding any portion of the original ticket price or discounting any of the tickets even with the shorter game.
  10. Aaron Judge was an example of that. But I am thrilled that Trey will be in it, and I can't wait to see how he does.
  11. Leyba scratched from Tides lineup tonight per Roch. Looks like we might be seeing him in Buffalo tomorrow.
  12. I heard that too on yesterday's broadcast, but doesn't the manager have to tell a player to go out and pinch run? Is it even possible that Hays just went out there on his own without instructions from Hyde?
  13. I haven't been to Cleveland but from what I heard on the O's telecasts this week, their PA announcer sounds great. Informative and powerful but not corny or over-the-top. An example of him I heard the other day on TV was "Stepping up to the plate....for the Orioles....the leadoff hitter....centerfielder....#31.....Cedric Mullins" (and that was in the middle of the game, not the 1st inning). And sometimes he announced for an Indians player: "Now batting...for the Tribe...." Here is a video I found about him: https://www.facebook.com/BallySportsCleveland/videos/inside-the-park-indians-
  14. Yes, the Nats Park announcer is definitely enthusiastic, to say the least, but I do like their live organist (the Trop, Target Field, Truist Park, & others have good live organists too). Would love to hear live organ music at Camden Yards, but I'm sure that's completely unaffordable at this point,
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