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  1. I’d gleefully love to have Wildcard as GM. They should do a collective of well versed fans to vote and bet teams would be better:), fantasy land stuff of course.
  2. Os fans are hilarious. Haven’t won a championship in nearly 40 years and haven’t had a single home grown starting pitcher since Mussina and everyone in here clamoring to trade him. A culture of losing indeed. Keep stocking those corner OFers though, that will get the championship!
  3. He isn’t Mark Reynolds at 3b bad, but when you are below the Mendoza line and not hacking it defensively at 2b, your future isn’t bright. He needs an off-season training plan.
  4. I love Means and don’t want to see him traded but let’s be honest, this team is unwatchable. Plus until Angelos passes, they aren’t ramping up spending significantly so he likely won’t be in the winning window. 2023-2024 at the earliest.
  5. He sucks. But I am sure Elias and his eye for talent can’t be wrong.
  6. Just absolutely insane. Do umpires get penalized for anything? I guess not, Joe West is still umpiring.
  7. I love the thoughtfulness behind your posts, such a great poster. Thank you and keep up the great analysis.
  8. You might get better than 30-3 soon with this unwatchable joke of a team.
  9. Do you think he will actually take the BPA Tony? I don’t, so likely doesn’t matter much really.
  10. From no-no to uh oh! Like I mentioned before, no way you turn around a losing culture like this quickly. That takes time. Showalter got it, but we have taken a huge step back since then. A highly rated farm system with only 2 convincing pieces? Long long long way to go, strap in. Check back in 2024.
  11. Omg, just awful awful news. Weams was and will always be the soul of this board. God bless him & his family. I am so very sorry to hear about this.
  12. Puzzling they cut bait with him so quickly following a major injury while Matt Harvey still anchors the rotation: https://www.federalbaseball.com/2021/9/6/22658707/washington-nationals-keeping-josh-rogers-around-a-while But again, I am sure it’s because Elias is smarter than us.
  13. Oh my god, another error on Jones! I am sure I am missing something because Elias is always smarter than everyone else.
  14. Made a bad error there and I thought this guy could hit? Small sample size but geesh.
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