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  1. Would be atrocious decision-making. Lots of studs available at 5, don’t get cute!
  2. Yeah, gut wrenching. And will Arizona win another game?
  3. A newer mock: https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-mock-draft-june-16-2021
  4. Rodgers had his first subpar outing last night with Nats Rochester team. I just am surprised they didn’t give him longer coming off injury, but we will see.
  5. Please don’t talk to me. You are repulsive human being. Please block me & I will do the same.
  6. I remember reading post after post last year on here how he is a 4th OF at best with a weak arm and would never hit at the major league level. Many were calling for him to be removed from the 40 man even. Just something to remember when you read “analysis” on here.
  7. B-/C+ Elias has been tremendous in improving player development, fantastic. Another plus on improving international focus. Those 2 are huge. As most of you know, strongly disliked Kjerstad pick, nothing to do with health. In a city where Best Player Available is a city mantra & your team is laughingly bad consistently, don’t get cute. What gems has he found in his tenure from the scrap heap? Alberto was awesome but let go for nothing, still miss that guy! Not super impressive here. Rule 5 (not very important): loved the Martin pick! This year? Didn’t protect Po
  8. Thanks. I doubt he was ever a consideration though. I think TE likely DFA-Ed soon or replaces Harvey possibly if not atrocious.
  9. I think that is what Elias wants. Arizona is further ahead with no signs of life. My guess (and hope I am wrong) he is looking at trading Santander, Means & even Mancini. The truth is this team is about to be sold but won’t happen until Peter passes. My guess is the new ownership group is already lined up & involves Ripken. That’s the move toward competitiveness, not actual results imo.
  10. I much rather see Jannis, the knuckleballer. Dude is a class act, could benefit from major league experience and at least be fun to watch on an abysmal team.
  11. Likely not much. Low level flyer.
  12. Trezza is great. He lives in reality.
  13. Never been a fan but his defense improved and much worse on 40 man, puzzling. Since the Os DFA-Ed Rodgers, he’s had two great starts in AAA for the Nats. I feel like they cut bait with him way too soon giving his surgery.
  14. Wow, didn’t see this coming…
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