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  1. My thought exactly! I know many hate catcher era but I bet his was good without looking.
  2. The fact that Elias passed on a great shortstop last draft (2 great ones actually), I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants Correa. However, price going to be sky high which may kill the original plan.
  3. I love Mancini, such a great person & role model. Heck of a hitter. I think many thought something like that when he was slumping. Imagine trying to play professional baseball while dealing with that….god bless the man.
  4. For someone that is such great talent evaluator, he sure hasn’t hit on many flyers. Or in pieces he has acquired. Where exactly has he excelled at talent evaluation? I like Mateo, Urias & Gutierrez but they are still a huge tbd. This dude riding that Astros tenure to the extreme.
  5. This makes me sad. Hoping for the best, always routed for him and really couldn’t believe he was pulled in the middle of a no hitter. Absolutely not should have happened.
  6. Same expert analysis by posters on here calling Mullins a bum that can only hit from one side of the plate with a noodle arm and was a candidate to be DFA-ed last year.
  7. Really making the most of his opportunity. Can he hit consistently is the question. Elias loved Ruiz so my guess is he is a nugget.
  8. Closer to zero, if not zero. Anything is possible if there is a fit, great bat off the bench in the NL has value too.
  9. Yeah, they gave him a long leash. Evaluating. But he looks a great 4th/5th guy in the NL.
  10. They have the 5th overall pick. Like us, they wanna see what they got.
  11. 😂😂😂People calling for him to be DFA-ed all season now he’s got a ton of trade value? Extremes people!
  12. He’s shutting out the Red Sox tonight.
  13. I wanted to sign Schoop before his big bounce back year, loved him! Yeah, dreadful team to watch. In a year so laughably painful, lots of good storylines surprisingly: Mullins, Means, Mancini and frankly Mateo. The M’s! Only if McKenna could get hot!
  14. Love him, great thought and yes! Love your analysis.He’s exactly the kinda player you target and get some SP! What do you think he will actually target there on the SP front?
  15. I know this likely isn’t law you practice but curious what you feel personally ends up happening here.
  16. FYI: he changed his delivery at the beginning of the season, seems deceptive.
  17. But you are missing a huge detail. He was coming off a major surgery. Why not give him a longer look? Same excuses (not by you) for Elias with Yaz: “he was the odd man out, blah blah”. Can he evaluate players well or not?
  18. When Ed Rodgers was let go, I posted a few times I thought it was bizarre. He was coming off a major injury and never had enough of a routine to evaluate. When Nationals signed him (with a very good GM with a scouting background) grabbed him, I noticed. He pitched 7 2/3 innings tonight of 1 run ball and now has an ERA of 2 and has had 4 good starts. Meanwhile we have 4A fodder & guys that won’t make the 40 man through the off-season. Why wasn’t he given more time? Moderator edit (Josh Rogers)
  19. Another great outing for Rodgers. https://twitter.com/juansotohr/status/1440481327841615880?s=21
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