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  1. He may be the tallest looking 6-2 player
  2. Would you say we are looking good for the number 1 pick. I can't see the Orioles winning more than 2 games
  3. Fangraphs projects Orioles and Diamondbacks with the same record
  4. I'm just afraid this team isn't bad enough to get the number 1 pick
  5. It's just the dynamics at play. The 87 Twins won their division with only 85 wins. The 80 Orioles with 100 wins and no playoffs
  6. Disagree. The MLB postseason shouldn't be a win and go home game
  7. The play-in game is a joke, but I don't count that as the playoffs since it's a game to get in the playoffs. Were people complaining when it was 4 teams? To me that was the best because it really awarded the best
  8. Holy crap, how does Minor have all that grey around his face. Is he 70
  9. This team might be better than the 2018 team. Who would have thought that
  10. Who would have thought the Orioles would have the number 1 pick locked up already
  11. Have to admit, they are making a run right now for the number 1 pick. They have the toughest schedule left. It wouldn't be that shocking If they only end up with 47 wins
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