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  1. It's just the dynamics at play. The 87 Twins won their division with only 85 wins. The 80 Orioles with 100 wins and no playoffs
  2. Disagree. The MLB postseason shouldn't be a win and go home game
  3. The play-in game is a joke, but I don't count that as the playoffs since it's a game to get in the playoffs. Were people complaining when it was 4 teams? To me that was the best because it really awarded the best
  4. Holy crap, how does Minor have all that grey around his face. Is he 70
  5. Who would have thought the Orioles would have the number 1 pick locked up already
  6. Have to admit, they are making a run right now for the number 1 pick. They have the toughest schedule left. It wouldn't be that shocking If they only end up with 47 wins
  7. Buck was nowhere close to being a terrific manager. He did a crappy job with the bullpen
  8. Was that Larry Sheets or his grandfather, lol
  9. We didn't win a title in 75. The Pirates last title is forever tied to a 1979 hit. I mean, that's depressing really to hear it every game and remind you just how long ago you were truly relevant
  10. They play it at 7 inning stretch? That's hilarious It's like the Orioles playing a hit song from 1983 for the 7th inning. That's a bit sad
  11. Watching other games from that era on YouTube I don't hear any. I think it's cool hearing the current music at the time between innings and pitching changes during the 79 World Series, while the Pirates were playing boring organ music.
  12. Diamondbacks may be the worst team ever
  13. Mullins may be the only Oriole you don't trade right now. He seems to valuable
  14. I'm not sure you can go wrong with either. I like Rocker more but some prefer Leiter. They are so good they could go 1-2 in this draft.
  15. Not really. It's very breakable. The record is 26. Now losing 21 in a row to start the season is freakish. That was probably a once in a lifetime event
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