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  1. Let me get this straight.. guys who are currently starters in the minors, who haven’t proven a thing in the majors are DEFINITELY starters in the majors, but a guy who was a starter in the minors before, who is performing at a top level IN the majors is a huge question mark for you to be a starter in the majors? Do you realize how ridiculous this sounds?
  2. Nah but I lived in Cedar Rapids when he was there and I followed him the whole way. He definitely is starter material. And Sports guy is a jerk to many. Sorry if that hurts (not really)
  3. It’s funny because you used to shit on Wells in the beginning. Then you were a big fan LOL. And now you’re back where you started. Your comment earlier that they don’t have the trust in him to make him a starter just shows how little you actually know. You are unequivocally the biggest know it all (and often wrong) condescending person in this forum. In nearly every statistic; whiff rate, K% bb/k, spin rate, whip, era+ TWells is near the top of the LEAGUE. You grossly underestimate what he’s accomplished and you mark these words, he will be a huge part of this staff going forward.
  4. Are you on a VPN? Or on a WiFi that may be? If so turn it off
  5. Yes it is. Btw I am in San Diego right now and it’s working on mine.
  6. Log out and reset your phone. Location issues probably
  7. https://deanblundell.com/sports/mlb/blue-jays/why-everyone-hates-marcus-stroman/ You have no idea if he’s a great guy unless you know him personally. I know a couple guys who have. They agree with me. And there’s PLENTY of criticism online about him. If you don’t know about it then you must not want to know about it. There’s a lot of guys who don’t like him. A LOT.
  8. Surely you mean Alex Wells right?
  9. Stroman is a POS clubhouse cancer. He’s a racist jerk who no one in the league likes.
  10. I have to think he, like EVERY pitcher was using at least the rosin/sunscreen combo. But possibly. Hard to think there’s anyone who didn’t use something.
  11. More injury fallout from previously allowing pitchers to use sticky substance and instantly going to nothing at all? Having to grip the ball harder makes sense for tendinitis in the wrist/forearm area. Interestingly Wells spin rate has gone UP since the ban. He sits 2400-2600 regularly
  12. Now this is a fair assessment. Unlike sportsguy. But my prediction stands. We will see what transpires. But if either of those end up being all people hope for, and Wells is the 4th or 5th stud on the Orioles, then everyone should be blowing Elias
  13. So guys that haven’t pitched to any lineups in the majors whatsoever, are in your opinion, in FRONT of him because HE hasn’t pitched to enough lineups in the majors for you? Got it. By the way, Wells had much better numbers in the minors than Bradish. GRod is great. And he very well may be that great in the majors. But there’s a chance he won’t be either. Wells has a career 2.82 ERA, with a 1.06 whip in the minors and a 10.1k/9 with 255 innings. (also better than Hall’s numbers) Not to mention, Tyler Wells has literally gotten better with every level he’s gone up. GRod is your only potentiall
  14. I’ve said this in other forums in April and you can screen cap this one. Mark these words: “Tyler Wells, if healthy, will end up being the ace of this staff.” Admittedly that was before Meansie came out like a Cy Young rocketship, but I’m still gonna stick with the prediction. With a caveat that he could be the second best. *prepares for incoming scoffs etc
  15. I seem to recall you shiitting on Wells quite often in the beginning
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