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  1. Thinking Brooks Lee had me reflect on the draft that had Christian Colon (mature college SS) and Manny Machado. A few folks here wanted Colon selected because everyone thought he would make it to the majors in 2 years because he was the college guy. However, it ended up Manny who made it to the majors in 2+ years.
  2. I do wonder if Andrew Jones's son has the best potential in comparison to Johnson (small size/projected to 2b) and Green (lots of strikeouts) who can either go 1st or 2nd. I like that Jones has the genes, id projected to be a CF and has less holes.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if only one pitcher from that group made an impact in our rotation. We go through this every year or two - McPhail calvary and Bundy/Gausman/others; predicting pitching is so unstable and dissapointing many times when projecting.
  4. I know the O's tend to be conservative when placing prospects at the start of the season. Anyone concerned he may repeat Delmarva before reaching Aberdeen? For me, he's earned starting at Hi-A.
  5. This group is equivalent to scrap metal - maybe we find a useful piece in the bullpen.
  6. Can someone summarize which key DSL prospects excelled and may head to FCL next year? Outside of the big names like Basallo and Hernandez, I have no clue on the other international guys.
  7. I just saw he was 23 years old. Not sure if he dominated due to being on the older side. Hopefully, someone will tell me he throws 95 plus and has a good assortment of pitches.
  8. Just curious if any infielder gets demoted? Grenier maybe.
  9. Is there any concern there is very few homeruns so far? I love the BA, but 2 homeruns total for this advance hitter.
  10. Some things to ponder - Does his struggle at Bowie, lower his prospect status with his sub 200 batting average? Also, does the 14 homeruns indicate future power growth once he fills out?
  11. Haven't seen Deson since his promotion to Delmarva, any updates on him? I know that outfield is crowded, maybe tough to crack.
  12. With the influx of young outfield talent. It will be interesting how the O's handle the older OF prospects next year -25 years old plus like Rizer, Watson and Nuestrom. Can they traded for useful pieces to the bullpen or reclamation starting pitching?
  13. As shown with Stowers - if Cower hits well next year he can go from Aberdeen to Norfolk. Hopefully, the power starts to show after getting into a professional strength program.
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