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  1. I got an e-mail from the Orioles today, informing me that fans will be permitted to attend games at Camden Yards, up to a limit of 25% of capacity. I looked at that and I realized how much I would want to go to a game again. Maybe not until I'd had a chance to be vaccinated, but perhaps later in the season, if I could get a ticket. Then I read farther into the details and realized that the Orioles apparently will not sell me a ticket that I can use. They are going to use contactless digital ticketing exclusively. As far as I can understand, that means the only way people can g
  2. #12 Terps take on #11 Buckeyes at XFinity Center. Jalen Smith vs. Kaleb Wesson will be an interesting matchup to watch. Kyle Young might be out for Ohio State, their fourth leading scorer. Maryland is 2.5 point favorites. Let's go.
  3. This was a twitter question. His was: What 5 albums have you listened to most in your life? 1. Rush - Signals 2. Genesis - Trick of the Tail 3. Yes - Yessongs 4. Yes - Close To The Edge 5. Tangerine Dream - Encore Mine are: Who's Next- Who Quadrophenia- Who London Calling- Clash Boy- U2 Operators Manual - Buzzcocks I know I have six. Selling England by the Pound- Genesis
  4. Wow. When he's right.
  5. Might just be me, but seems like in post game quotes, Hyde is running tired on excuses with Davis. In the Baltimore Sun article after the Arizona series, he was quoted as saying about Chris something to the effect of "you've got to make changes to your approach." He was positive about Villar getting out of slump but didn't appear to offer same positivity about Davis. Thoughts? Could Elias/Hyde convince the Angelos brothers to cut their losses? Honest question, I'm familiar with contracts, but not MLB contracts, can we DFA Davis to Triple A and if he refuses the assignment, void the contra
  6. Not a huge sample size, but what do you guys think of him so far? Legit MLB player, or just another warm body that won’t be part of our future?
  7. Just a little update on what the Fifteen Oriole prospects back in return for Machado, Schoop, Britton, Gausman, Brach and O'Day. Bannon ,273 avg 4 hrs 27 rbi .362 obp Diaz .245 avg 6 hrs 30 rbi .322 obp Kremer 2 - 4 3.32 era 43 innings back to Frederick Pop Tommy John Surgery Valera Now with Yankees Scranton AAA .336 avg 10 hrs 35 rbi .430 obp Tate 1 - 3 4.38 era 24 innings Carroll Injured lis
  8. o BALTIMORE ORIOLES Nate McLouth - LF J.J. Hardy - SS Chris Davis - DH Adam Jones - CF Matt Wieters - C Mark Reynolds - 1B Manny Machado - 3B Endy Chavez - RF Robert Andino - 2B Wei-Yin Chen - LHP )) (12-9, 4.00 ERA) SEATTLE MARINERS Dustin Ackley - 2B Franklin Gutierrez - CF Kyle Seager - 3B Jesus Montero - DH Michael Saunders - LF Justin Smoak - 1B Casper Wells - RF Miguel Olivo - C Brendan Ryan - SS Erasmo Ramirez - RHP )) (1-2, 3.49 ERA) http://base
  9. He will have 3000 in about 4 seasons, maybe a little less, maybe a little more. Discuss.
  10. Before July 31st, I think there could be markets for the following 10 players. Some will obviously bring more return than others, but if this team wants to be competitive (or competent) in the next five years, they need to consider making these moves now to maximize the value of the return. 1. Manny Machado - For obvious reasons. Needs to be the creamiest of the return crop. 2. Jonathan Schoop - Hasn't heated up yet, but I'm still shopping him bc he has that extra year of control and he's a premium position. If we sell on him this year, we might be able to get a return simi
  11. Here is a link to Tony's appearance on Inside Press Box the other day. https://www.pressboxonline.com/films/title/inside-pressbox-6-17-18-pt-2-orioles-talk-with-tony-pente
  12. He hasn’t been on since the Tampa series at the Trop a few weeks back. I figured he would certainly call the Yankees series with Thorne and they usually do the Jays in Toronto if I’m not mistaken. Maybe he is simply doing fewer games these days? Or is his absence due to his critical comments on...someone we won’t mention...
  13. I think Harvey was just here in case of extras and only guy available that could give length. I think he goes back down tomorrow and they add another position play. Maybe Rickard? Buck has 8 in pen for next two games with Wright out there and only 4 in rotation.
  14. If you are looking for Opening Day tickets without a season ticket package, I noticed that they are available on the Orioles site right now...I just searched for groups of 2 and 4, and found tickets in Section 330 behind home plate.
  15. Think Wright has it locked up pretty solidly, Castro isn't even going to be considered (correctly), and Cortes might have a shot at it, in my opinion.
  16. I found this buried in an ESPN article. Take it for what it's worth. It might explain the lack of FA action since we all know Brady is in love with in house options. http://www.espn.com/blog/buster-olney/insider/post/_/id/18278/olney-nobody-might-want-an-offseason-do-over-more-than-scott-boras Everybody in baseball is bestowed a job title, and Dan Duquette is the general manager of the Baltimore Orioles, while Brady Anderson is the vice president of baseball operations. But the perception of many within the Orioles’ organization is that Anderson holds more practical power right now,
  17. As per Roch this morning: "The Orioles aren’t done attempting to upgrade their roster, with a source confirming yesterday that they remain in contact with the agents for pitchers Alex Cobb, Lance Lynn and Jake Arrieta. They’re not sitting back and saying they have no interest. There’s a sense within the industry that all three pitchers are coming down from their initial contractual goals, though one person told me yesterday that Arrieta’s is “still high.” And while the ideal scenario for the Orioles is a deal below three years, they aren’t refusing to guarantee that amount, according to a sour
  18. Lineups coming. Bucholz 3-1, 8.69 ERA vs. Hunter 2-1, 4.26 ERA
  19. I would like to see these three moves made. 1. Sign Josh Reddick - Solid bat and defense. 2. Sign Jason Castro - Not a high BA or OBP, but has some pop a solid glove and is known for his pitch framing. 3. Sign Rajai Davis- Adds some much needed speed and could platoon with Kim. 4. Try to bring back Pedro Alvarez to DH.
  20. Hey, what's going on? The last time I was on the OH was Oct. 4th at 11:30 pm. The last thing I remember was a meeting on the mound was dispersing, I grabbed my remote and had my right thumb hovering over the power button. I recall a BP fastball floating over the middle of the plate and then I saw a very fast moving piece of lumber make solid contact with it and in that same instant my thumb depressed the power button, I closed my laptop and headed off to bed - I never even saw the ball clear the infield. I couldn't stand to even see TV or hear radio the next day, let alone face the post mor
  21. The Orioles have gone 21-22 since starting the year 7-0. 43 games of sub .500 vs 7 games of perfection. That's a lot of mediocre baseball from a mediocre team. It's time to call this team what it is, and that's a mediocre .500 team. We have one legitimate starter in Tillman, a decent but inconsistent starter in Gausman, two five inning or two time through an order starters in Wilson and Wright, and guys like Jimenez and Gallardo who wouldn't even be pitching in the majors if not for their contracts. We have one of the worse systems in baseball, and DD has given up his 1st round pick again
  22. Time: 7:00 TV: CBS Sports Network
  23. We all know that Tillman, Gausman, Bundy and Ubaldo will be in next year's rotation. Is there any chance the Orioles get rid of Miley and Gallardo in the off season? I would like to see both of them go. The Orioles need to find another starter obviously rather than relying on their bullpen so much. Can you imagine how terrible the Orioles would be without their outstanding bullpen. It would be absolutely ugly.
  24. 14-9 is a 98 win pace. Nothing to be sad about there. White Sox are the only team in the AL with a better record. Red Sox are close behind. April had a challenging schedule with only the Twins as a team that will not be in contention. O's have the best home record at 9-2. The road record is a little lower than what I would like to see 5-7 but its not terrible. The starters are beginning to go 6 innings which will help the pen. Only Wilson did not reached that level this turn of the rotation mostly because of pitch count but he should reach that level next time out. The team doesn't
  25. O BALTIMORE ORIOLES Endy Chavez - RF J.J. Hardy - SS Nate McLouth - LF Adam Jones - CF Chris Davis - DH Mark Reynolds - 1B Manny Machado - 3B Robert Andino - 2B Taylor Teagarden - C Joe Saunders - LHP (2-2, 4.30 ERA) SEATTLE MARINERS Dustin Ackley - 2B Franklin Gutierrez - CF Kyle Seager - 3B Jesus Montero - C Justin Smoak - 1B Michael Saunders - LF Miguel Olivo - DH Casper Wells - RF Brendan Ryan - SS Felix Hernandez - RHP (13-8, 2.92 ERA) http://baseballpress.com/lineup.php
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