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    • I would think it would hurt the Orioles the least.  Have you seen the roster?  Most of the guys on the roster won't be in baseball in a few years much less with the Orioles.  Unless you think they are missing out on the number 1 overall pick next year and will get number two.  
    • At least you didnt have what I saw last week, a woman making the best dozen eggs possible out of four different cartons... And as for "heat will stop this" did people not notice that one of the worst countries at the initial outbreak was Iran?  Now I realize we have sanctioned the hell out of that country and they have limited resources but...did anyone really think the heat was going to matter.
    • People need to be told to wear masks.  People are so afraid to be doing things that the majority of other people are not doing that they would rather die than put a mask on.  It is good the Department of Defense is mandating masks.  If we could just get a leader say if you are outside of your home wear a mask.  
    • That was awesome.  I was there for that, my cousin (Sox fan) somehow got luxury box tickets for us up in LF.   Obviously it's an Orioles production but what's lost in that video is all the surrounding chaos.  IIRC Longoria hit a game winning homer in Tampa to ice putting the Sox out of the playoffs for good.  We did our part but some other things had to happen as well.  I remember getting into the elevator with my cousin and seeing on my phone that Tampa had won minutes later.  It was great.
    • I think it's just as brutal for the high spenders.  Someone like Justin Turner is missing their age 35 season.  You'd expect some falloff this year, with rapidly increasing chances of catastrophic decline thereafter.  Nelson Cruz is missing his age 39 season; his fountain of youth will end eventually, the good stuff is only so good.
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