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Found 2 results

  1. As a long-time member of and contributor to Dave Scocca's Orioles listserv, I started making the transition towards OH a few years back, still not convinced that this was better than what we had with the listserv. Then came 2012--a lot of people flocked to OH (including me, even though I signed up in 2009), and I was pretty confident the OH community was going to replace what we had on the listserv. You thought it would have made for better discourse / analysis, and yet, over the past few months, it has been disastrous--especially in the game threads. I am absolutely appalled by the reactionary posts of a handful of members, who seem to take pleasure in bashing the players, the manager, and the front office anytime the opposing team hits an RBI single against us. I realize most of them are young, immature members who came on board in 2012 and never experienced the dark years of 1998-2011, and yet, I can't stand their hijacking of recent game threads anymore. I don't care if naming names is going to get me banned from OH, but I've had it with Jonesy10, Birdland, Norfolk Orioles, oriolesstanfan, and many others. The negativity HAS GOT to stop. Do I think we're going to make the playoffs? Probably not. Do we still have a chance? Heck, yeah; and a pretty good chance too. Is it as exciting to watch the O's as it was last year? No. There's higher expectations, and as a result more frustration when we don't meet the expectations; but is this a better place to be on September 1st than any September 1st between 1998 and 2011? YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT. The O's are not perfect, they have many flaws, but if you can't get behind them as they are trying to make it to the playoffs for the second year in a row after 14 seasons of irrelevance, then I think we'd all be better served if you refrained from posting, and came back a month from today to rub it in after we fall short. I'll be waiting to hear from the moderators in the morning, but if this is my last post on OH, it is definitely a post that I won't regret. And yes, Dave (Scocca), I'm still a member of the listserv, 20 years after I first signed up... GO O's!!!
  2. With all the talk of how Brandon Snyder was effected by Harbor Park in AAA (most recently in Steve Melewski's Blog), I decided to create a list of the years and players that hit 20+ home runs with Harbor Park as the home field. Harbor Park was built in 1993 and has been home to the tides ever since. The dimensions are as follows: Left Field - 333 Feet Center Field - 410 Feet Right Field - 318 Feet (Formerly 338 Feet before 2009 season) The change in Right Field was a for a 400 person standing room deck that was added. The right field fence was moved in 20 feet to accomodate this change. It was believed this would help bring the home run back to the park. For more information on the change click here. The following is a list of players with 20+ home runs for the Tides since 1993: 2004: - Craig Brazell (23) - Victor Diaz (24) 2002: - Rob Stratton (20) - Andy Tracy (20) 1997: - Scott Mclaine (21) - Robert Petagine (31) 1995: - Butch Huskey (28) No Orioles Minor Leaguer has yet to reach the 20 home run plateau. I know the data is skewed because of players getting called up to the majors when they are doing well. Because of this, I took a look at the players who would have hit 20 home runs if they had played a full season. A minimum 150 PA was used. 142 G played is the pace. 2009: Nolan Reimold was on pace for 41 HR in his 130 PA but did not qualify - Oscar Salazar: 2009 - 10, Pace - 28 2008: No Players on 20 HR pace 2007: - Jon Knott: 2007 - 13, Pace - 21 Mets Farm System 2006: - Robert Bozied: 2006 - 8, Pace - 26 2005: - Brian Daubach: 2005 - 16, Pace - 22 - Victor Diaz: 2005 - 10, Pace - 33 - Mike DiFelice: 2005 - 14, Pace - 24 - Luis Garcia: 2005 - 9, Pace - 31 - Chase Lamibin: 2005 - 10, Pace - 23 2004: No Players on 20 HR Pace 2003: - Marco Scutaro: 2003 - 9, Pace - 20 - Matt Watson: 2003 - 11, Pace - 21 2002: - Mark Johnson: 2002 - 14, Pace - 25 - Jason Phillips: 2002 - 13, Pace - 20 2001: - Mark Johnson: 2001 - 8, Pace - 27 - Ray Montgomery: 2001 - 7, Pace - 26 2000: - Mark Johnson: 2000 - 17, Pace - 25 - Vance Wilson: 2000 - 16, Pace - 20 1999: - Craig Paquette: 1999 - 15, Pace - 30 - Andy Tomberlin: 1999 - 16, Pace - 21 1996 - 1998: No Players on 20 HR Pace 1995: - Derek Lee: 1995 - 18, Pace - 23 1994: - Rico Brogna: 1994 - 12, Pace - 25 - Jeromy Burnitz: 1994 - 14, Pace - 23 1993: - Ryan Thompson: 1993 - 12, Pace - 28 Item of note: Pace does not equal expected power production. With hot and cold streaks, match-ups, and various other factors, it would be impossible to gauge their real production. This is simply the product of this formula: [(Home Runs Hit / Games Played) X (142 - Games Played)] + Home Runs Hit = Home Run Pace In 17 Years of operation, 5 years did not have players on pace to hit 20 HR and only 4 years yielded players who did hit 20+ home runs. With this data, please keep this in mind: the production on the field is a reflection of the amount of talent that team has. Norfolk this past year was devoid of any offense once Montanez, Wieters, Reimold, and Salazar were removed from the team. All of these players were favorites to chase the 20 HR mark this year, but they got time on a big league club to reward them for their efforts. When the Mets system was playing in the park for 14 years, it only had 3 years (all in a row) where there was no 20 HR talent. Otherwise, there was generally 2 guys capable of putting up those kind of numbers on each team. Everyone is aware that this is a big pitcher's park because of the wind coming off the water. Is it any surprise that the Orioles aren't afraid to to bring up prospects from AA? Why send them to Norfolk where they lose confidence (like Snyder) and derail their path? Feel free to leave comments on the stadium and the information provided. I did the study based on my own curiosity and thought I would share it. All data presented is from Baseball Reference.
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