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  1. <center><b><FONT SIZE="+3"><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">B</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">s</FONT></FONT> VS. <FONT SIZE="+3"><FONT COLOR="#ff7f00">H</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ad631c">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5a4539">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#072854">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5a4539">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ad631c">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff7f00">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c26a15"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#84542b">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#453e40">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#072854">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5a4539">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ad631c">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff7f00">s</FONT></FONT> Game 4 (1:35) <IMG SRC="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kRA0kohlwpI/TIQSBQQ2KRI/AAAAAAAADmY/_KuXbW6jxfg/s1600/Orioles+-+baby+bird+2009.gif" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0"> |=======| <IMG SRC="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6b/Houston-Astros-Logo.svg/2000px-Houston-Astros-Logo.svg.png" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0"> * = games back of wild card Team Records 67-55 |=======| 63-60 3rd, -2.5 |=======| 3rd, -4.5* Streaks / L10 -2, Lost 8 of 12 / 4-6 |=======| +2, Won 2 of 3 / 5-5 Team Offensive Rankings (AL) BA: .261 (7th) |=======| BA: .246 (14th) OPS: .767 (3rd) |=======| OPS: .736 (10th) Runs: 552 (5th) |=======| Runs: 530 (10th) HR: 176 (1st) |=======| HR: 144 (10th) Last 7 Days BA: .232 (14th) |=======| BA: .311 (2nd) OPS: .691 (13th) |=======| OPS: .831 (3rd) Runs: 28 (11th) |=======| Runs: 46 (4th) HR: 7 (13th) |=======| HR: 10 (8th) Team Pitching Rankings (AL) ERA: 4.23 (10th) |=======| ERA: 3.90 (3rd) WHIP: 1.38 (12th) |=======| WHIP: 1.28 (5th) BAA: .258 (9th) |=======| BAA: .258 (8th) TB: 1703 (7th) |=======| TB: 1758 (11th) Last 7 Days ERA: 5.28 (11th) |=======| ERA: 6.05 (14th) WHIP: 1.55 (13th) |=======| WHIP: 1.36 (10th) BAA: .262 (9th) |=======| BAA: .285 (13th) TB: 99 (6th) |=======| TB: 126 (12th) Starters ERA: 4.86 (12th) |=======| ERA: 4.22 (7th) WHIP: 1.44 (13th) |=======| WHIP: 1.37 (11th) BAA: .270 (12th) |=======| BAA: .270 (11th) TB: 1149 (8th) |=======| TB: 1189 (12th) Relievers ERA: 3.22 (1st) |=======| ERA: 3.34 (3rd) WHIP: 1.29 (7th) |=======| WHIP: 1.12 (1st) BAA: .237 (4th) |=======| BAA: .236 (3rd) TB: 554 (8th) |=======| TB: 579 (10th) NEW: Quality Start minimum requirements * - Game ERA must be 4.00 or less with at least six innings pitched Yovani Gallardo (4-4) 5.18 (1.61/.278) 59K / 46BB, 11HR QS: 3 </b> Gallardo allowed nine base runners in five innings in his last start against Boston including a three run homer. He walked five batters and is the second time in four starts that he has done that. He still has a 3.18 August ERA, though. I took only the last three years against Houston because of Gallardo's years in the NL. It still gets his last year with the Brew Crew, but still a more accurate representation of Gallardo's current skills against this current Astros team. His 46 walks in 83.1 innings is god awful, but I'm sure Ubaldo Jimenez is thoroughly impressed. Splits & Sits 178 vs. left: .265/.376/.365, 6HR 192 vs. right: .288/.356/.411, 5HR Bases Empty: .288 RISP: .235 RISP w/2 outs: .216 Men on w/2 outs: .246 Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .250 2016 Home (6 starts) (2-0) 3.66 (1.53/.259), 4HR Last 3 years vs. HOU (5 starts) (2-1) 4.10 (1.60/.288), 4HR vs. Batter Jose Altuve (31 AB) .258, 2B Luis Valbuena (30 AB) .333, 3 2B, HR, 5RBI Jason Castro (21 AB) .381, 2 2B, S-HR, 4BB Marwin Gonzalez (15 AB) .267, 2B, HR, 4RBI Evan Gattis 4/9, 2B, 3B Carlos Correa 2/7, 2B, RBI, 2BB George Springer 3/6 Jake Marisnick 0/4 VS Dallas Keuchel (7-12) 4.76 (1.31/.260) 133K / 46BB, 18HR QS: 11 Keuchel got off to a really rough start posting a 4.41 in April and a 6.63 in May. He rebounded with a 4.30 in June, 3.94 in July and 3.86 in August so far including a three hit shutout against the Rangers two starts ago. However, in the other two most recent starts, Keuchel has allowed 13 runs in 10 innings with 17 base runners allowed. Those two starts are the only two in the last 10 starts where he allowed more than three runs, so he has been pitching well before those two starts. Although he has had a rough season, he is still capable of being dominating on any given night. He has been god awful on the road and has surrendered 13 of his 18 home runs when away from Orange Juice Park and 16 of them coming from right handed batters. However, he has pitched better than those numbers in three of the last four road starts. One glaring problem for Keuchel this season are his struggles with runners on base where opponents hit over .300 against him with runners on, RISP and RISP with two outs. Not pretty, but 12 of those homers were solo shots. He has good numbers against the Orioles and threw eight innings of four run ball in his only start at Camden Yards. Splits & Sits 137 vs. left: .240/.277/.321, 2HR 506 vs. right: .266/.325/.409, 16HR Bases Empty: .236 RISP: .317 RISP w/2 outs: .327 Men on w/2 outs: .271 Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .250 2016 Away (13 starts) (4-7) 5.74 (1.51/.282), 13HR Career vs Baltimore (4 starts) (1-2) 3.46 (1.15/.242), 2HR Career @ Camden Yards (1 starts) (0-1) 8 IP, 6H, 4ER, 2HR vs. Batter Steve Pearce (13 AB) .154, HR, 4RBI, 8K Mark Trumbo (13 AB) .462, 2B, 2 3B, 3HR, 7RBI Manny Machado (12 AB) .333 Adam Jones (12 AB) .250 J.J. Hardy 3/9, 2B, RBI Chris Davis 2/9, RBI Pedro Alvarez 1/7, 2BB Caleb Joseph 2/7, HR, 2RBI Jonathan Schoop 0/3 Well, the Orioles are blown out again and this makes it 15 runs in two games allowed by the bullpen and are now 1-4 on the homestand. The series split can still be had tomorrow, but the Astros are riding high right now and have gotten themselves going and once again, it comes against the Orioles only this time at Camden Yards. Chris Tillman looked as bad as I've ever seen him look and one has to really wonder why he was allowed to go out there at all. For a medical staff that is so stringent about passing newcomers on their physicals, they sure do allow guys to play noticably hurt a lot though this could be due to simply having no other options and having to push players further than they normally would when it comes to injuries. Tillman has never been the kind of player who could play through injuries. Adam Jones was playing hurt early in the season as well, but fortunately came out of it without making anything worse. A shoulder injury for a pitcher is extremely concerning and you'd think we'd be real careful when it comes to Chris Tillman. We were with Gausman who dealt with shoulder tendinitis early in the season two years in a row now. Anyway, it's obvious Tillman is having some issues in his shoulder and based on his performance today, it doesn't seem to be minor. This isn't good news for the Orioles at all who have now lost eight of the last 12 games and are tumbling fast as our competition continues to win. A tough one. Keuchel is the better pitcher, but both are having bad years with Gallardo pitching better over the last three starts. Keuchel's numbers against the Orioles are better than Gallardo's against the Astros. Gallardo is 2-0 at home and Keuchel has struggled on the road, but three of the last four have been much better than his total away line this season. With both Toronto and Boston winning today, the Orioles fall to 2.5 games back of the lead and two games behind Boston as the Red Sox and Blue Jays have taken off ahead. The Royals won their seventh in a row and are only 4.5 games back all of a sudden and Detroit remains 3.5 back and will play one more against Boston tomorrow. Seattle won their second in a row and are now just a game back of the Orioles for the second WC spot and Houston is now only 4.5 back. Even the Yankees sit only four games back, so there are five teams within striking distance of the Orioles who suddenly cannot win at home and not only can't win, but have been blown out in three of the last four games and scored eight runs in one of those games. This is a team in big trouble right now. Wild Card Standings *Boston +2.0 *Baltimore +1.0 Seattle -1.0 Detroit -3.5 NY Yankees -4.0 Houston -4.5 KC Royals -4.5
  2. http://twitter.com/#!/Orioles/status/80719503750742016 http://twitter.com/#!/masnRoch/status/80719397257347072 Crowley on as BP coach ... Adair takes over Connor's post
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