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Found 17 results

  1. You can move it if does not belong in this section. I remember he was talking to Manny at Fanfest and told him to be more calm on the field. The family of Mo Gaba — an enthusiastic 11-year-old Baltimore Orioles superfan who has beaten cancer twice and has gained a local following with calls to sports-talk radio programs — got another round of bad news recently. Following two previous diagnoses of retinoblastoma, the blind Glen Burnie fifth-grader was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and had to be taken out of his classes George Cromwell Elementary for treatment beginning late last month, said his mother, Sonsy Gaba. He'll likely miss the rest of the school year. The Orioles invited Mo to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Sunday game in a recent series against the New York Yankees. His review? "It was really cool," he said. "I never knew that was going to happen." Mo has faith in the team, which leads the American League East in the first month of the season. "They're off to a good start right now," he said. "The record they have now, if they can keep that up, they can go pretty far." Upon hearing of the latest diagnosis, fans of Mo's who have heard him on 105.7 The Fan and Mix 106.5 donated more than $13,400 for his family's expenses on an online GoFundMe page titled "Mo Strong." http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-orioles-fan-fundraiser-20170425-story.html
  2. Pretty impressive. Future # 2 hitter? He's hit at every level and it looks like he is going to stay at catcher. Only one passed ball and has 7 CS in 14 attempts through a dozen games in Bowie. Gotta be considered our best position prospect at this point.
  3. Do you think it will last? But through a month this season, neither Orioles catcher is producing at the level the team expected. When Joseph took an 0-for-4 against the New York Yankees in the Orioles 7-0 loss Wednesday at Camden Yards, he dropped to .189/.268/.217. Wieters is batting .217/.288/.300. Together, the pair?s .557 OPS ranks the Orioles catching corps 22nd-best in the majors, according to Baseball Reference. Last year, they ranked eighth with a .732 OPS, 50 points above the league average at the position. That was the high-water mark after coming in 15th (.678) in 2014 and 17th (.688) in 2013. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bal-orioles-catchers-not-producing-near-career-levels-so-far-contributing-to-inconsistent-offense-20160505-story.html
  4. Pre season BA top 30 Orioles prospects. 30. Mancini 27. Givens 20. Hess Mancini - 2014 Overall. .284 (AVG), 32 (2B), 3 (3b), 10 (HR), .735 (OPS) 2015 Overall. .341 (AVG), 43 (2B), 6 (3B), 21 (HR), .938 (OPS) Givens 2014 Overall 3.53 (ERA) 58 (IP), 39 (BB), 55 strikeouts 2015 Overall 1.75 (ERA) 87 (IP), 22 (BB), 117 strikeouts Hess - 2015 Overall 3.64 (ERA) 143 (IP) 57 (BB) 122 strikeouts 2015 August 0.99 (ERA) 27 (IP) 12 (BB) 18 strikeouts Easter League Playoffs - 14 IP, 4 hits, 3 walks 11 striketous Brady Anderson helped Mancini change his swing Dave Wallace had Givens change his setup. Some great coaching at the major league level. I wish I heard about more of this at the minor league level of coaching.
  5. Early Guesstimate on next year's O's team: 1B Mancini, Walker or Wilkins (ST competition) 2B Schoop SS Hardy 3B Machado LF Pearce CF Jones RF Parra C Joseph DH Mancini, Walker, Wilkins, Paredes, or Reimold Bench Flaherty Clevenger Reimold Lake, Alvarez or Urrutia Chen Jimenez Tillman Gonzalez Gausman Britton O'Day Brach Givens Matusz (non tender and resign) or another lefty Drake or Bundy Wilson The off season emphasis will be on staying in budget and bringing back Chen and O'Day so the pitching has a chance to bounce back to its 2014 form. O's count on 30 homers seasons from Jones, Manny and Schoop. 2016 Payroll Estimate 1) 16.3m Jones - CF 2) 15m Chen - SP1 4/60m 3) 13m Jimenez - SP2 4) 12.5m Hardy - SS 5) 10m Parra - RF 3/30m 6) 7m Tillman - SP3 7) 7m O'Day - RP1 7/21m 8) 5.5m Machado - 3B 9) 5.5m Gonzalez - SP4 10) 4.5m Britton - RP2 11) 3.0m Matusz - RP3 2/6m 12) 2.5m Pearce- (LF) /RF/1B/2B/DH/3B 2/6m 13) 1.5m Brach - RP4 14) 1.5m Flaherty - UIF 15) 1.5m Vladimir Guerrero (deferred compensation) 16) 1m Reimold- OF/DH 17) .53m Gausman - SP5 18) .53m Schoop - 2B 19) .52m Joseph - C (shared) 20) .51m Lake - OF 21) .51m Clevenger - C (shared) 22) .51m Givens- RP5 23) .51m Drake - RP6 24) .51m Wilson - RP7 25) .51m Mancini - 1B 26) .51m Bundy - RP (DL) 27) .51m Wilkins - DH Sub Total 116.51m of earned salary Minus 2.25m deferred from Jimenez Minus 2m deferred from Hardy(best guess) Total 112.26m salaries to be paid in 2016 115m-112.26m =2.74m It has been reported the 6.5M of Hardy's contract is deferred but no word yet on how it is distributed of the contract term. Signing bonuses are shown in the year they are paid. Performance bonuses are not included.
  6. This was released today.Please take a look. It will answer a lot of your questions.http://www.pressboxonline.com/2015/06/03/stan-the-fan-charles-talks-with-roy-firestone-about-upcoming-trip If you are thinking of going but can't commit right now, at least reserve a spot with a refundable deposit.We are only taking about 100 people to this event so do it soon! ICONTRIPS.COM
  7. It was truly embarrassing watching the Orioles this ALCS and this may be where Bucks reputation comes in that he is not a playoff caliber manager. Are we not starting to see it ring true? He has a reputation of taking teams far then choking. We were a better team than the Giants. Yet got swept. A lot of the Royals ALCS was in the O's heads that they can't win. While a great playoff manager, like Bochy, is able to keep his players calm despite the other teams luck.
  8. Never seemed to settle in and allowed the lead off hitter on base in every inning except one. Not good enough. IP 5.2 H 12 R 4 BB 0 SO 5
  9. I'd say he is. The fact that he never gave us a chance to sign him. The words he said about yankees. No one in Ny cares about but we did. Only hope worst for him.
  10. So much for $175 million. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/josh-hamilton-seattle-mariners-texas-rangers-mlb-contract-discussions-120612 And as I said the idea that he was going to get $150 million and 6 or 7 years was ludicrous. Not happening. Now here we are at 1/2 that.
  11. A great read here about Fielder and any other premium FA signing by a team that supposedly isn't close to contending. Nail meet head. Just an awesome piece that should be required reading for every Orioles fan, media person and executive. Bra-freaking-vo! :clap3::clap3::clap3: You can always make excuses not to sign anybody. The opportunities for the Orioles are running out. Free agency is getting worse and worse. The Orioles keep passing and the players keep declining in quality. You need to acquire the talent when it is available otherwise you may not be able to acquire it when you think you need it.
  12. . ORIOLES Robert "How About Some Love For Me?" Andino - 2B James Jerry Hardy - 3B Nicholas Markakis - RF Vladimir Guerrero - DH Matthew Wieters - C Adam Jones - CF Mark Reynolds - 1B Christopher Davis - 3B Matthew Angle - LF Raymond Thomas Hunter - RHP (3-3, 5.31 ERA) RED SOX Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Mike Aviles - 3B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B David Ortiz - DH Dustin Pedroia - 2B Josh Reddick - RF Carl Crawford - LF Marco Scutaro - SS Jason Varitek - C Josh Beckett - RHP (13-5, 2.50 ERA)
  13. Interesting tweets all around. If they plan on going spot-starters for two games prior to April 20th, then I could see Rupe making the team. It will also allow for another long reliever. If they truly think Britton is the best pitcher, then bringing up Tillman for two starts wouldn't make a lot of sense so I guess the better approach is to send them both down if you really want to use Britton.
  14. Not to open old wounds but this little tidbit is interesting and something I never heard reported before. This is being reported as fact. Did I simply miss this along the way. Remember the Mark Teixeira situation? The Orioles made a legitimate first offer to lure him back home, but were told by agent Scott Boras not to improve their $140 million proposal because Teixeira was not interested in joining their rebuilding movement. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-schmuck-orioles-1023-20101023,0,449494.column
  15. http://www.masnsports.com/school_of_roch/2010/10/talking-free-agents-and-spring-training.html He wants VMart the most especially because of how he hits LHP. Also he mentions the Orioles are willing to deal Tillman:
  16. Montrealer


    They are some rumours who said that the Brewers are looking to trade Prince Fielder. Since Fielder may be the big homerun guy we are looking for? do you think maybe juste maybe the we can bring him to birdland?
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