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  1. You can move it if does not belong in this section. I remember he was talking to Manny at Fanfest and told him to be more calm on the field. The family of Mo Gaba — an enthusiastic 11-year-old Baltimore Orioles superfan who has beaten cancer twice and has gained a local following with calls to sports-talk radio programs — got another round of bad news recently. Following two previous diagnoses of retinoblastoma, the blind Glen Burnie fifth-grader was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and had to be taken out of his classes George Cromwell Elementary for treatment beginning late last month, said his mother, Sonsy Gaba. He'll likely miss the rest of the school year. The Orioles invited Mo to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Sunday game in a recent series against the New York Yankees. His review? "It was really cool," he said. "I never knew that was going to happen." Mo has faith in the team, which leads the American League East in the first month of the season. "They're off to a good start right now," he said. "The record they have now, if they can keep that up, they can go pretty far." Upon hearing of the latest diagnosis, fans of Mo's who have heard him on 105.7 The Fan and Mix 106.5 donated more than $13,400 for his family's expenses on an online GoFundMe page titled "Mo Strong." http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-orioles-fan-fundraiser-20170425-story.html
  2. http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/14943065/goose-gossage-rips-jose-bautista-toronto-blue-jays-nerds-ruining-baseball Hey at least he got one of those two right.
  3. o Stephen Strasburg is not Interested in an Extension With the Nationals (By Marc Normandin) http://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2016/2/16/11014844/stephen-strasburg-free-agent-rumors-extension-nationals-scott-boras
  4. Well, it had to happen. Didn't it? Yep: the independent Sonoma Stompers of the Pacific Association handed the baseball operations keys over to these two knuckleheads with zero actual baseball experience in order to see how it?d all work. Over the weekend Sam wrote a column about it at the New York Timestalking about what worked and what didn?t. http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2016/04/25/when-stat-nerds-are-allowed-to-run-a-baseball-team/
  5. They are saving the bullpen, By only pitching 8 inning a game.
  6. Eastern League Championship Series starts Tuesday. David Hess with a 3-0 Victory. Triggs with the save. Yastrzemski and Latimore with home runs. Hess pitched seven innings with one hit. He was just drafted last year.
  7. Early Guesstimate on next year's O's team: 1B Mancini, Walker or Wilkins (ST competition) 2B Schoop SS Hardy 3B Machado LF Pearce CF Jones RF Parra C Joseph DH Mancini, Walker, Wilkins, Paredes, or Reimold Bench Flaherty Clevenger Reimold Lake, Alvarez or Urrutia Chen Jimenez Tillman Gonzalez Gausman Britton O'Day Brach Givens Matusz (non tender and resign) or another lefty Drake or Bundy Wilson The off season emphasis will be on staying in budget and bringing back Chen and O'Day so the pitching has a chance to bounce back to its 2014 form. O's count on 30 homers seasons from Jones, Manny and Schoop. 2016 Payroll Estimate 1) 16.3m Jones - CF 2) 15m Chen - SP1 4/60m 3) 13m Jimenez - SP2 4) 12.5m Hardy - SS 5) 10m Parra - RF 3/30m 6) 7m Tillman - SP3 7) 7m O'Day - RP1 7/21m 8) 5.5m Machado - 3B 9) 5.5m Gonzalez - SP4 10) 4.5m Britton - RP2 11) 3.0m Matusz - RP3 2/6m 12) 2.5m Pearce- (LF) /RF/1B/2B/DH/3B 2/6m 13) 1.5m Brach - RP4 14) 1.5m Flaherty - UIF 15) 1.5m Vladimir Guerrero (deferred compensation) 16) 1m Reimold- OF/DH 17) .53m Gausman - SP5 18) .53m Schoop - 2B 19) .52m Joseph - C (shared) 20) .51m Lake - OF 21) .51m Clevenger - C (shared) 22) .51m Givens- RP5 23) .51m Drake - RP6 24) .51m Wilson - RP7 25) .51m Mancini - 1B 26) .51m Bundy - RP (DL) 27) .51m Wilkins - DH Sub Total 116.51m of earned salary Minus 2.25m deferred from Jimenez Minus 2m deferred from Hardy(best guess) Total 112.26m salaries to be paid in 2016 115m-112.26m =2.74m It has been reported the 6.5M of Hardy's contract is deferred but no word yet on how it is distributed of the contract term. Signing bonuses are shown in the year they are paid. Performance bonuses are not included.
  8. Not that long ago, we talked about trying to extend Manny Machado this offseason. I suggested that if he was unwilling to sign this offseason that I would explore trading him now that he's established his knees are healthy and he's a budding superstar. I suggested a trade to the Red Sox for Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts and maybe a minor leaguer. The question is this. Would the Red Sox make that trade?
  9. The Brewers have just told Garza not to bother coming back from Paternity leave. This follows him refusing to pitch out of the pen after being bumped from the rotation. Both have two years remaining on 4/50 contracts. Both will be entering their age 32 seasons. Would you trade one bad contract for another? http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/g/garzama01.shtml http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/j/jimenub01.shtml
  10. does anyone know what is the song in the 2015 orioles thank you video that first aired at the game sept 11
  11. Gausman is a no brainer for the rotation. Chen is gone. That leaves Tillman, Gonzalez, Jimenez. Do you just add Mike Wright as the 5th and hope for the best? Do you subscribe to the Zach Britton to starter experiment? Are you looking to add one big time FA starter at enormous dollars? I would certainly take a look at moving Britton to the rotation. One, it would be nice to have a LH pitcher in the rotation. Two, as a reliever, Britton begins to price himself out of our plans after next year anyway. FA options who don't require a pick and who can be signed for 3 years or less will either be rare or non existent. Free agency will be a tough way to fix the problem but I'm open to any ideas.
  12. Watching O's flailing away at the plate yesterday got me thinking about getaway games, specifically the time of game. Has anyone heard that the last game of a series is played faster than the previous games in the series? Perhaps players are anxious to get going after the game?
  13. The acquisition of Parra locks down one of the open spots in the outfield. But there is one position still unclaimed. Chris Davis will be in RF or 1B but there is still a player needed to make a complete lineup. Flaherty at 1B is not ideal. Wieters on occasion at 1B is not bad but he will not give up his day job behind the plate. So who will take that spot. Will it be filled internally or will Dan make a trade? Here are some ideas thinking through the options: 1) When Pearce returns 100% healthy he takes over 1B. That might work if he return to 2014 form. However there are two problems. 1) Oblique problems tend to last a long time. Davis says he didn't get over his problem last year during the season. 2) We don't know if Pearce can return to 2014 form. Pearce may go on rehab to see just how healthy he is and whether he is ready. 2) Junior Lake takes over right field and Davis moves to 1B. Lake is hot at AAA. Has a great arm. Has speed. However, the has not had much success in the majors. And the Pacific Coast League is a hitters league. Numbers tend to be inflated. The O's will want to see what he does at Norfolk before making a move. Maybe two weeks to a month? 3) Promote Dariel Alvarez. He was hot for a little over a month. He is driving in runs. 61 RBI at 416 at bats. That is pretty good for playing in a pitcher's park. But his OBP is low (306) and will probably get worse in the majors. He also took a while to adjust to AAA pitching and may do the same in the majors. 4) Stick with the Snider, Reimold, and Lough rotation. Can't say I have a lot of faith in this. It hasn't worked so far. 5) Promote Walker to play 1B. Walker has put on a push the last two months. 890 OPS in June. 7 homers and a 779 OPS in July. Can he be trusted defensively with 1B on a daily basis in the majors. I am sure I don't know. 6) Promote Mancini from AA to play 1B. This guy has been on fire all year. 868 OPS in 207 at bats at Frederick. 927 OPS in 194 at bats at Bowie. They say he gets the job done at first defensively. Not a ringing endorsement but not terrible. He has HOFer Craig Biggio's endorsement. 7) Trade for a 1B or OF. I think Dan has about 5m to spend. With less than two months to go that will get you a guy that is making 15m annually if a team wants to do a salary dump. I don't know who would be available but we know Dan is on the job looking for a solution. Those are the options I see. What do you think?
  14. This was released today.Please take a look. It will answer a lot of your questions.http://www.pressboxonline.com/2015/06/03/stan-the-fan-charles-talks-with-roy-firestone-about-upcoming-trip If you are thinking of going but can't commit right now, at least reserve a spot with a refundable deposit.We are only taking about 100 people to this event so do it soon! ICONTRIPS.COM
  15. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/mlb-kevin-gausman-baltimore-orioles-starting-pitchers-dan-duquette/ Interesting article trying to figure out exactly why Gausman isn't in the rotation right now.
  16. A great read here about Fielder and any other premium FA signing by a team that supposedly isn't close to contending. Nail meet head. Just an awesome piece that should be required reading for every Orioles fan, media person and executive. Bra-freaking-vo! :clap3::clap3::clap3: You can always make excuses not to sign anybody. The opportunities for the Orioles are running out. Free agency is getting worse and worse. The Orioles keep passing and the players keep declining in quality. You need to acquire the talent when it is available otherwise you may not be able to acquire it when you think you need it.
  17. Andy MacPhail recently said the following: That last phrase, seems to be key, as MacPhail of course seems to think pitching is the most important facet of the game. However it was the offense that was so dreadful last season, not the pitching, and while the pitching was stellar under Showalter, it had to be, otherwise they wouldn't have won all those games as the offense still wasn't clicking even in August and September. What's going to happen when the pitching slips back to a more sustainable pace? The answer is the offense is going to have to be there to back them up. If the offense has a season like it did last year, this team isn't going to reach .500 let alone be considered a contender no matter how solid the pitching is. The pitching is going to hit a certain ceiling and they can only do so much. The pace they had under Buck simply isn't realistically sustainable. Getting back to the offense, the Orioles have several question marks in their lineup, the biggest being Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Nick Markakis. Those three are going to be crucial to the performance of the team going forward. Guthrie, Matusz, Bergesen can all pitch lights out, but it isn't going to make a difference if those three core position players aren't performing IMO. And then you have the players that were acquired to supplement the lineup, in Reynolds, Lee and Hardy. While good acquisitions on the surface, they too carry many question marks going into 2011. With Lee and Hardy the injury question looms large. Hardy is most certain to not make 140 starts and Lee age and injury factors in especially as he's dealing with a back problem similar to Roberts that most likely played a role in his subpar season last year. With Reynolds, you hope that he'll return to 2009 form, but again he's tinkering with his swing to cut down on strikeouts, so you hope he doesn't screw up his mechanics that gives him that valuable power. You have aging returning vets in Roberts and Scott, both who have likely hit their career seasons and won't replicate what they did then. And with Roberts you also have the obvious health concerns. There is no sure thing in the Orioles lineup at all, and that is very concerning IMO considering how the offense torpedoed the season in April. The depth on the bench and in the minors is non-existant as well. If Roberts falters, you only have no-hit MIers in Izturis and Harris to replace him. If Lee goes down you have Luke Scott to move to 1B, but then you have to put a bat like Fox, Reimold, Bell or Snyder in the DH spot, all non-proven options. There is no quality positional depth whatsoever, so injuries like last year will absolutely kill this offense and this team. And it's also the reason why we must land another bat like Vlad or Thome, but that's for another thread... So I don't see how MacPhail can say that the continued health and development of the pitching is going to be key, not when we saw what happened last season with the offense and the fact his response was to build an offense with duct tape (albeit it extra-strength) filling the holes along with a lot of hopes and prayers. If the offense falters, so does our entire season.
  18. Simple poll. You are the GM, you know the free agency consequences of putting Britton on the OD roster, and you also know that he arguable has been the best starting pitcher in camp. What do you do?
  19. “As an athlete you compete and you feel like you deserve to be somewhere and you are not, it’s kind of a slap in the face I think,” He goes on to say that he understands the 'business' side, but he wants to be in Baltimore and clearly feels he deserves to be. In an offseason where we have done everything we could to show that we want to win right now, this move seems to go against that aggressive philosophy. Heres hoping he stays healthy and Tillmans 89mph heat starts hitting the glove and picks up 4-5mph. :beerchug1:
  20. While it's been an up and down rookie season for Brian Matusz, he's ending it on a really good note. He's been rock solid in August and September after a disastrous July, and barring something happening between now and Saturday, will finish the season. So now a simple question, where will Brian finish in ROY voting? The Orioles haven't had a player get a vote for the award since Nick Markakis in 2006, including last season with all the promotions. I don't believe Brian will win the award, but I would be surprised if he doesn't finish in the top 5. The 2010 rookie class doesn't really jump out at me, both offensively and pitching, and I think that elevates Brian's standing. At the same time, Brian has been one of the top rookie starters in the AL this season: 1st in games started 1st in innings pitched 1st in strikeouts Tied for 2nd in wins (with a losing record) 1st in WHIP 2nd in ERA 1st in quality starts Like I said, I don't expect Brian to win the award. In fact, I would be stunned if he did. My guess is it goes to Neftali Feliz, because he's been pretty sick this season as a 22 year old rookie on a division winner. But the numbers are there for Brian, minus his win-loss record, and outside of Wade Davis no other starter has stood out the way Matusz has.
  21. http://www.masnsports.com/school_of_roch/2010/10/talking-free-agents-and-spring-training.html He wants VMart the most especially because of how he hits LHP. Also he mentions the Orioles are willing to deal Tillman:
  22. New food vendor at the stadium next year. I know they looked at some other options last year. http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-bz-orioles-reject-aramark-20101005,0,3609162.story
  23. This just made my day... http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/2010/10/macphail_wont_approach_angelos.html
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