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Found 18 results

  1. Pretty impressive. Future # 2 hitter? He's hit at every level and it looks like he is going to stay at catcher. Only one passed ball and has 7 CS in 14 attempts through a dozen games in Bowie. Gotta be considered our best position prospect at this point.
  2. THE GAME IS PLAYED IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE Fastball_KeyArt_39 smaller DOWNLOAD TRAILER HERE The Kevin Costner narrated documentary will be available nationwide with Tugg.com on March 24 and in select theaters and on demand March 25 "Hard-core fans will be spellbound. Even casual fans will be enthralled.? - Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports "Fastball" walks the delicate line between the mythology and the science of the fastball, drawing on both anecdotal and empirical evidence.? - Lindsay Berra, MLB.com Los Angeles, CA (February 16, 2016) ? On Thursday, March 24, people in more than 50 Major and Minor League markets will be on deck for one-night-only fan screenings of ?Fastball.? This timeless documentary will enthrall baseball fans young and old and is now available via Tugg Inc., the web-based platform that allows fans, teams and organizations to bring movies to their own local theater for screenings. Fans should head to the official Fastball Tugg website to request their own show and check back often as additional screenings are added. The documentary, which is narrated by Kevin Costner (?Field of Dreams,? ?Bull Durham?), also features active Major Leaguers Justin Verlander, Andrew McCutchen and David Price as well as baseball legends in Hank Aaron, Nolan Ryan, Bob Gibson, Goose Gossage, Derek Jeter and the late Tony Gwynn. The feature from writer/director Jonathan Hock and producer Thomas Tull will also be released in theaters and on demand March 25. It is already available for pre-order on iTunes. The essence of baseball is the primal battle between the pitcher and batter, but the magic of the game arises from that confrontation, only 396 milliseconds in the making. The mysteries and memories of Baseball's greatest heroes are revealed in ?Fastball,? featuring interviews with dozens of former players, from legendary Hall of Famers to current All-Stars. Based on the original idea by the film?s producer, Thomas Tull, who also produced the Jackie Robinson biopic ?42,? ?Fastball? is peppered with archival footage of baseball's greatest moments plus original high-speed 4K footage and motion graphics that unlock the secrets hidden within a ball traveling over 100 mph. While players, historians, and scientists might disagree on who was actually the fastest pitcher in history ? and yes, the film does the physics and concludes with a clear verdict ? ?Fastball? tells the story of the game itself. Jonathan Hock?s history with sports runs deep. He is a nine-time Emmy? Award winning producer, director, writer and editor. His first documentary feature "Through the Fire" had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005, and his later films "The Lost Son of Havana" (2009), "Off the Rez" (2011) as well as "Fastball" also premiered there. Hock has directed four documentaries for ESPN's Emmy and Peabody Award winning "30 For 30" series, including "Unguarded," which was named Best Documentary of the year by Sports Illustrated; "The Best That Never Was" (2010); "Survive and Advance" (2013) and "Of Miracles and Men" (2015). Hock's series of documentary shorts, "The Finish Line: Steve Nash," was a finalist for a National Magazine Award. Producer Thomas Tull is the CEO and Chairman of Legendary Entertainment, a leading media company with film (Legendary Pictures), television and digital (Legendary Television and Digital Media) and comics (Legendary Comics) divisions dedicated to owning, producing and delivering content to mainstream audiences with a targeted focus on the powerful fandom demographic. Through complete or joint ownership, Legendary has built a library of marquee media properties and has established itself as a trusted brand which consistently delivers high-quality, commercial entertainment including some of the world's most popular intellectual property. In aggregate, Legendary Pictures-associated productions have realized grosses of more than $12 billion worldwide at the box office. Producing with Tull are sports film veterans Philip Aromando (?30 for 30?) and Mike Tollin (?Sin City Saints?) along with Executive Producer Jack Selby. For more follow @FastballMovie across social media or visit fastballmovie.com.
  3. Not that long ago, we talked about trying to extend Manny Machado this offseason. I suggested that if he was unwilling to sign this offseason that I would explore trading him now that he's established his knees are healthy and he's a budding superstar. I suggested a trade to the Red Sox for Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts and maybe a minor leaguer. The question is this. Would the Red Sox make that trade?
  4. The Brewers have just told Garza not to bother coming back from Paternity leave. This follows him refusing to pitch out of the pen after being bumped from the rotation. Both have two years remaining on 4/50 contracts. Both will be entering their age 32 seasons. Would you trade one bad contract for another? http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/g/garzama01.shtml http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/j/jimenub01.shtml
  5. does anyone know what is the song in the 2015 orioles thank you video that first aired at the game sept 11
  6. Watching O's flailing away at the plate yesterday got me thinking about getaway games, specifically the time of game. Has anyone heard that the last game of a series is played faster than the previous games in the series? Perhaps players are anxious to get going after the game?
  7. Huge series for us. Chen (4-5, 2.78) vs. Eovaldi (9-2, 4.50) Gausman (1-1, 5.00) vs. Nova (1-3, 3.42) Jimenez (7-5, 3.29) vs. Tanaka (6-3, 3.65) Eovaldi has benefitted from huge run support, 5.61 runs/game, fourth best among qualified starters. Chen has gotten 3.41 runs/game, 43rd of 49 qualifiers. Chen has pitched well in 2 starts against New York, allowing 3 runs in 13 IP. Eovaldi has been his typical self against us, 5 runs in 10.2 IP. I feel we have the edge in this one, if our bats have finally woken up. Nova has made four starts since returning from TJ surgery. He was sharp in his first outing and mediocre since then. As to Gausman, he's been all over the lot, so we will have to wait and see how sharp he is. Tanaka had two horrible starts in June that raised his ERA from 2.49 to 3.88, and since then has settled in with three pretty good starts. We have not faced him this year, but beat him the two times we saw him last year, with Jonathan Schoop homering in each game. Ubaldo beat the Yankees on June 12, though he was not particularly sharp. ARod and Teixeira continue to pace the Yankee offense. The Yankees have not hit particularly well in July (.715 OPS, 4.08 R/G). Of course, the Orioles have been worse (.683 OPS, 3.36 R/G). Even moreso than usual, I think tonight's game is very important and the key to this series. It's the most favorable pitching matchup we'll have in the series, and sets the tone. I'm hoping we'll see Chen at his best, and be patient against Eovaldi, who tends not to get deep in games (5.44 IP/start). The back of their bullpen is deadly but their middle relievers can be reached.
  8. Looking to take my boys to Fenway for the series next month. Driving up from Baltimore, any suggestions on where to stay? Seems like hotels are pretty expensive in the city. Any seat a good seat? Looking to be cost effective!
  9. Via Twitter: masnRoch Roch Kubatko Dan Duquette told MASN that #orioles are interested in Fielder, but doesn't want to get the fans' hopes up. Jerseys not on sale yet.
  10. Interesting tweets all around. If they plan on going spot-starters for two games prior to April 20th, then I could see Rupe making the team. It will also allow for another long reliever. If they truly think Britton is the best pitcher, then bringing up Tillman for two starts wouldn't make a lot of sense so I guess the better approach is to send them both down if you really want to use Britton.
  11. Let's say Pujols hits free agency and the Yanks decide they want him and will trade Tex. Let's also assume that Tex is healthy this year and has a very good year but not a year that would make the Yanks decide to not go after Pujols. With all the venom spewed towards Tex after he signed in NY, would you even want the Orioles to go after him if this scenario played out?
  12. We've seen that the majority of posters on here want to sign another player as a 1 year stopgap option for 1B during 2011. But who do you think they are a stopgap for? Currently the FAs for 1B after 2011 will be the following: Albert Pujols Adrian Gonzalez Prince Fielder Ross Gload Michael Cuddyer The Orioles aren't signing Pujols. I think we can agree on that. Adrian Gonzalez is going to be a member of the Red Sox one way or another and might not even make this list as he could be traded and extended at the 2011 deadline. So that leaves Prince Fielder as the only option for the Orioles other than Ross Gload or Michael Cuddyer. For internal options the Orioles have just about nobody that can be depended on to be a difference making option at the ML level for them in the minors. Brandon Snyder is no longer a prospect, and will need to have a monster season to avoid becoming an organizational player Joe Mahoney is a 24 year old in AA that doesn't seem to be very well liked by scouts. Tyler Townsend can't stay on the field long enough to produce. So there you have the situation. It seems it is likely Prince Fielder or bust for the Orioles after 2011 unless MacPhail or his replacement comes up with a major trade IMO. But what do you think? Who do you see manning 1B for the Orioles in 2012 and beyond?
  13. New food vendor at the stadium next year. I know they looked at some other options last year. http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-bz-orioles-reject-aramark-20101005,0,3609162.story
  14. This just made my day... http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/2010/10/macphail_wont_approach_angelos.html
  15. Although it's not going to be surprise to anyone on this board that Cesar Itzuris has been terrible at the plate this season, it might come as a surprise as to HOW bad he's been. Itzuris now has 500 Plate appearances and a .557 OPS. He's hit just 13 doubles and walked just 24 times and hit into 10 double plays. 1) The last AL batter to have 500 or more PA and put up worse OPS was the Orioles Billy Ripken in 1988 (.518). That's 22 years ago. 2) The last MLB player to 500 or more PA and put up worse OPS was the Pirates Jose Lind (.544) in 1992, or 18-years ago. 3) In the last 30 years, only six batters including Itzuris have put up such a lowly OPS in 500 PAs. 4) Tom Veryzer in 1979 was the last AL player to have 500 or more PA and put up a .557 or less OPS and hit less than 13 doubles. 5) His -0.3 WAR this year makes him one of three shortstops in the last ten years to get 500 PAs with that low a WAR or less. In other words, it's time to look elsewhere in 2011.
  16. I find this interesting as it was an excerpt from Camden Chat from a Rangers fan on Showalter's tenure in Texas. Buck seems to be the type of manager to do exactly what this team needs - to deal young unproven talent (based on his evaluations of them) for proven established veterans that will help this team win now. The Adrian Gonzalez tidbit is interesting because Buck was proved wrong there, and considering the O's and Padres match up well for a trade and have a recent trade history - the stage could be set for Buck to right a wrong and re-acquire Gonzalez for his current team now that he is an established power threat. And the O's have several unproven young MLers to deal to get Gonzalez. Arrieta, Tillman, Bell, Pie to name a few, all who would be tantalizing for SD. Of course Prince Fielder is out there as well, and the Brewers have made ML ready pitching a priority this offseason so they too match up well with the Orioles. In any regard I think those who are waiting for the young players to blossom in Oriole uniforms are going to be shocked this offseason when they see these players traded for a veteran or two who will help this team win now. Buck's tenure in Texas and Arizona have shown that he won't stick with young players if he doesn't think they are ready to help the team win, and right now we have too many question marks with the before mentioned players and what we already have in our core group. So IMO Buck will do what is neccessary and have the Orioles trade some of those question marks for surer things so we can win.
  17. AM needs to do two things minimum next season to keep my support. Upgrade significanty at 1B and SS. Putting SS aside, here are the options at 1B, IMO. FA(in order of production) Dunn, Konerko, Pena, Martinez, LaRoche, Huff, Lee, Berkman, Glaus. In House: Scott, Reimold, Snyder, resign Wiggi, Aubrey, Mahoney, Warring. Trade: Kila, Gordon, Alonso, Blanks, AGonz and Fielder(just for giggles). What would you do? I can see AM signing Lee/ Vmart/or Berkman, and mixing and matching with some combination of in house solutions.
  18. Remember him? After not hitting A pitching that well last year I was surprised to see he is putting up solid stats at AA this season. Maybe even more surprising is he has not been injured. AVG -.291 G - 60 AB -206 R - 37 H - 60 2B - 18 3B - 0 HR - 8 RBI - 35 TB - 102 BB - 26 SO - 57 SB - 8 CS - 3 OBP - .382 SLG - .495 OPS - .877
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