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  1. Bottom to top. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 29m29 minutes ago support to those in need. Look forward to our next quarterly Q&A in September. Enjoy the game tonight at 7:05 PM, and GO Os. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 30m30 minutes ago your non-perishable food and cash donations to support our Baltimore community members who need them most, and #OriolesREACH will get your.. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 32m32 minutes ago The Orioles Reach Food & Fun Drive to benefit @MDFoodbank starts right now at 5pm and will continue all weekend at the Park. Please bring John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 35m35 minutes ago Time has flown by, unfortunately, and we have to wrap up for today. Thanks for so many good questions. I wanted to remind everyone that... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 37m37 minutes ago We will keep experimenting based on what fans tell us they want. So, let us know, please. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 38m38 minutes ago popular demand. We created the area two decades after the park opened, and the plan was to form a plan over time based on fan response. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 39m39 minutes ago is open to everyone in the park, and we hope everyone will visit. We have experimented with different approaches to the fixed seats by... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 40m40 minutes ago John P Angelos retweeted Tyler Waldman The centerfield roof deck platform, which as you know has a large capacity and many televisions and amenities... John P Angelos added, Tyler Waldman @aresef @Orioles Why are seats on roof deck no longer GA? Was that always the plan? #AskJPA John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 43m43 minutes ago has to offer the fans and a game played for the sake and love of the game. Lets hope we see that each and every year. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 44m44 minutes ago spirit and tradition of the all star game has for most of its history been one of a friendly exhibition displaying a bit of what every club John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 46m46 minutes ago fun, fair, and reflective of rosters that the entire community of baseball fans would most enjoy seeing at the mid-summer classic. The... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 48m48 minutes ago John P Angelos retweeted Sammy Genius What we can all certainly do here at home is vote for our guys. As for MLB, so long as the voting process is both... John P Angelos added, Sammy Genius @SammyGenius @JohnPAngelos #AskJPA What should MLB do regarding ASG votes, seeing all the Royals leading the way? John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 51m51 minutes ago our investment in the farm system as the key source of talent is crucial, and our goal is to always be in the upper echelon in that arena. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 53m53 minutes ago Relocating our top five minor league clubs within our television footprint, building a 45 million dollar facility in Sarasota, and renewing John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 54m54 minutes ago to sustain our baseball development model we need to continue to produce in order for the club to remain consistently in contention. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 56m56 minutes ago and our many scouts, cross checkers, coaches, trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches lead a program that has produced and that... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 57m57 minutes ago John P Angelos retweeted Robert Fuller The entire organizational focus is on maintaining and growing the productivity of our farm system. Buck, Dan, Brady John P Angelos added, Robert Fuller @robf0917 #AskJPA where do you see our farm system over the next 5 years? John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago their league, their players, and their clubs to voice what sort of system they wish to see in MLB as that fan input is crucial. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago voice in whatever mechanisms and evolving approaches might make the game even greater tomorrow than it is today. Fans should reach out to.. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago imposition. MLB players and clubs have enjoyed a long recent period of cooperation, but all stakeholders, especially fans, should have a... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago annually attend MLB games, tops in all US sports by an overwhelming margin, must always be based upon collaboration and mutual trust not... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago John P Angelos retweeted Kim Holsapple The relationship between our unbelievably talented MLB players, our thirty franchises, and our 74 million fans who.. John P Angelos added, Kim Holsapple @kim_holsapple @masnOrioles @JohnPAngelos Do you think the league will ever impose salary cap restrictions? #AskJPA John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago There you will find many heroes of not only our sports but of our times as well. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago the field, just one great resource to turn to is a book I am reading entitled "A People's History of Sports in the US" by Dave Zirin. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago naturally still my favorites today. For fans who might be interested in learning about great sports heroes of our time both on and off... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago John P Angelos retweeted Nate Baustad My favorite player in any sport as a small child was Brooks, and as i got older it was Eddie, and they are both... John P Angelos added, Nate Baustad @flamingbagofpoo @masnOrioles @JohnPAngelos #AskJPA Who is the your all time favorite player in any sport? John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago always drive greater and greater community impact as we make the effort to win. John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago trust such as an MLB franchise, and it is what motivates everyone in the front office, the daily challenge not just to win games but to... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 1h1 hour ago drive tourism, economic impact, and other benefits back to the community. That is the ultimately the highest and best use of a public... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago our collective stewardship of the franchise provides us all to entertain tens of millions of fans while using our unique platform to... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago John P Angelos retweeted Carrie The most rewarding aspect for our owners, front office executives, and entire Os staff is the opportunity that... John P Angelos added, Carrie @OsFan101319 @Orioles @JohnPAngelos What's your all time favorite thing about running the Orioles? #AskJPA John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago an ASG held at Orioles Park and in a CIty so rich in baseball tradition, without question should happen as soon as is possible. View conversation 7 retweets 5 favorites John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago one hailed as having changed forever the face of baseball and sports entertainment, is compelling. For that and many other reasons, a... View conversation 3 retweets 3 favorites John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago witnessing an MLB ALL STAR Game hosted at iconic Camden Yards, a venue perennially voted at or near the top of all US sporting venues and... John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago John P Angelos retweeted Chuck Boemmel I believe that based on any conceivable criteria, the appeal to baseball fans and sports fans across the nation of.. John P Angelos added, Chuck Boemmel @CABoemmelJr @JohnPAngelos #AskJPA Considering the climate in #MLB with regards to #AllStarGame, do you see B'More getting the game in forseeable future? John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago our fans whose schedules fit weekends, and we are certainly open to experimenting with more plan offerings for our regional fans who commute John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago John P Angelos retweeted Michelle Bailey An Os season ticket plan for fans who can attend on weekends is a good idea. We have always had a sunday plan with John P Angelos added, Michelle Bailey @bmoreorioles21 @masnOrioles @JohnPAngelos #AskJPA One more - how about a season ticket plan for commuters who can only make the weekend (fri-sun) games? John P Angelos ‏@JohnPAngelos 2h2 hours ago We appreciate everyone joining us. I am looking forward today to answering many good questions about the Os and MLB on and off the field
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