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Found 10 results

  1. The acquisition of Parra locks down one of the open spots in the outfield. But there is one position still unclaimed. Chris Davis will be in RF or 1B but there is still a player needed to make a complete lineup. Flaherty at 1B is not ideal. Wieters on occasion at 1B is not bad but he will not give up his day job behind the plate. So who will take that spot. Will it be filled internally or will Dan make a trade? Here are some ideas thinking through the options: 1) When Pearce returns 100% healthy he takes over 1B. That might work if he return to 2014 form. However there are two problems. 1) Oblique problems tend to last a long time. Davis says he didn't get over his problem last year during the season. 2) We don't know if Pearce can return to 2014 form. Pearce may go on rehab to see just how healthy he is and whether he is ready. 2) Junior Lake takes over right field and Davis moves to 1B. Lake is hot at AAA. Has a great arm. Has speed. However, the has not had much success in the majors. And the Pacific Coast League is a hitters league. Numbers tend to be inflated. The O's will want to see what he does at Norfolk before making a move. Maybe two weeks to a month? 3) Promote Dariel Alvarez. He was hot for a little over a month. He is driving in runs. 61 RBI at 416 at bats. That is pretty good for playing in a pitcher's park. But his OBP is low (306) and will probably get worse in the majors. He also took a while to adjust to AAA pitching and may do the same in the majors. 4) Stick with the Snider, Reimold, and Lough rotation. Can't say I have a lot of faith in this. It hasn't worked so far. 5) Promote Walker to play 1B. Walker has put on a push the last two months. 890 OPS in June. 7 homers and a 779 OPS in July. Can he be trusted defensively with 1B on a daily basis in the majors. I am sure I don't know. 6) Promote Mancini from AA to play 1B. This guy has been on fire all year. 868 OPS in 207 at bats at Frederick. 927 OPS in 194 at bats at Bowie. They say he gets the job done at first defensively. Not a ringing endorsement but not terrible. He has HOFer Craig Biggio's endorsement. 7) Trade for a 1B or OF. I think Dan has about 5m to spend. With less than two months to go that will get you a guy that is making 15m annually if a team wants to do a salary dump. I don't know who would be available but we know Dan is on the job looking for a solution. Those are the options I see. What do you think?
  2. This is a big swing game, the rubber game against our division rival and big "thorn in our side".Its time for Chris to pitch like he is capable of. We face an ex Oriole drafted player Scott Copeland who has thrown all of 14 innings all year.Its time for us to step up.Tillman especially.Let go Birds!
  3. Quick turn on events Pitching April 4.78 ERA (13th out of 15 in the AL) May 3.12 ERA (3rd out of 15 in the AL) Hitting April 827 OPS (1st out of 15 in the AL) May 621 OPS (14th out of 15 in the AL)
  4. SteveA

    TV Alert

    ALDS Game 2 just started on MASN Merry Christmas!
  5. This guy has NEVER had more than 16 HR in any season in the last seven seasons. He has never been close to 70 RBI's..He now has 40 HR and more than 90 RBI'S...he has had trips to as many as 8 major league teams incluidng back and forth with several teams. Does anyone have the right to wonder how this happened? I give him the benefit of the doubt, but I can understand someone wondering. Anyone want to explain Jose Bautista to me please? Im baffled. But I have my ideas. Which I wont share.
  6. http://brittghiroli.mlblogs.com/archives/2010/07/samuel_said_no_demotion_for_ma.html So what is Juan considering to help this team do better?
  7. Vladimir Guerrero #27 DH 2010 STATS BA HR RBI OBP SLG .338 14 54 .367 .571 2010 FANTASY STATS % OWN WK +/- AVG DRAFT 100.0% 0.0% 151.9 Full Name Vladimir Alvino Guerrero Birth Date February 9, 1975 Birth Place Nizao Bani, Dominican Republic Age 35 Weight 235 lbs. Height 6-3 Pronounced guh-RAR-oh Bats Right Throws Right Experience 14 years Salary 2010: $5,500,000 OR EVEN ONE LIKE THIS? Michael Young #10 3B 2010 STATS BA HR RBI OBP SLG .325 7 40 .374 .490 2010 FANTASY STATS % OWN WK +/- AVG DRAFT 100.0% 0.0% 93.3 Full Name Michael Brian Young Birth Date October 19, 1976 Birth Place Covina, CA Age 33 Weight 200 lbs. Height 6-1 Bats Right Throws Right Experience 10 years College UC-Santa Barbara Drafted 1997: 5th Rnd, 149th by Tor Salary 2010: $13,174,974 Sorry, but Nick Markakis hitting 297 with three homers and 19 rbi's as your top hitter just ain't cutting it! He's a good supplemental hitter to a true masher but that's about it.
  8. Last night I watched most of the MLB Network telecast of the Orioles/Pirates game and the Pirate commentators said something that made me wonder. They said that while winning a ST game is essentially meaningless there is one aspect that is important and that is building confidence in a team (especially a young team) that they can win games on a regular basis. As such, they said it would be a help in that regard for the Orioles to win their 2nd game of the Grapefruit season. I think they are probably right on this and it makes me wonder how a young team like the Orioles can be confident of winning when they haven't done so? In fact, they haven't had a winning season in over a dozen years and how do they over come this confidence factor barrier that would seem inherent to losing teams? Maybe I missed it but I don't recall this being discusssed much here as a topic or even a concern.
  9. http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/sports/schmuck/2010/03/orioles_pie_hurt.html http://masnsports.com/2010/03/halfway-to-the-cycle-and-hobbl.html
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