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Found 2 results

  1. 21xxxv

    JJ Hardy

    Great teammate, and a true professional that gives all he has to the Orioles. especially good example for Jonathan and Manny.... With that said, he is batting .194, with a .515 OBS. That's hard to do. Further, he is a station to station base runner. I hope he can shake it. But to the eye he appears to be 34 going on 54years of age. Watching him move reminds me of Fred Sanford. Again. I sure hope I am wrong, and he heats up. This team is devoid of OBP guys, and if you aren't going to hit for power, as a middle infielder you need to do other things. Other than steady D' which has been his calling card... Sadly that has even escaped more times than he would like it this year, (I don't mean last night either) The Boston series in Fenway he looked on D' as if he was on Magic Mushrooms. I am curious as to when Janish, .742 Andino, .682 or Giavotella .820 get a sniff. They all have MLB experience. Making it unlikely is they all bat Right, and two of the three play 2B.
  2. Yes, it is another one of those threads, but here I will pose this question. Why not sign Prince Fielder? We havent had great production since Raffy was here. Since he left, for the past 13 seasons, I mean losing seasons, we have had a total of WAR = 11.6 or 0.9 fWAR per season. As Trea has said before, people like to say that we dont need production from 1st base, but when you are getting less than 1 win from that position, it certainly doesn't help. Also, for those of you that want Reynolds there, he is only a 0.3 WAR player. The last reason (there are a ton more one could cover) that I think we should go after Prince is because everyone on this board agrees that we as a team need to being up our OBP. Last year Nick led us with a .351 mark. Prince Fielder has never had an OBP lower than .372 since his rookie season in 2006 and has an OBP above .400 in each of the past 3 seasons and lead the National League in walks in 2010. Bottom line, he makes the whole team better, and there is no disputing that. I really do not see why DD is writing him off so early. Pony up the money and sign him. It will show that players that "hey, this organization is committed to winning, its time to put our game faces on, we aren't messing around anymore" The addition of Prince, with the added development of our core could be great. Most people say that Prince only helps our team by 5 wins (which may be true) so that only gets us to around 74 wins. HOWEVER, if our young nucleus of players keep maturing and developing, he could make us an 85 win team. Also, if DD can get Fielder that would make a guy like Reynolds more expandable to package in a trade to get that starter. Just my two cents, so again, why not?
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