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Larranaga Leave GMU for Miami

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I was shocked to see that Larranaga left GMU for Miami. As a VCU and CAA basketball fan, I have a lot of respect for him and what he did for the conference as a whole. That being said, I do think that Hewitt is a good hire.

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Absolutely a solid hire to replace Coach L. I thought they'd wind up with Jeff Jones from American. I'm looking forward to seeing the contract details for Hewitt.

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Of course its the right decision.

Bottom line is he can and will get better talent at Miami than he can get at GMU.

GMU has done some good things but overall, it doesn't have the conference, money(both for him and the program) or facilities Miami has.

Miami could be a very solid program.

Bumpity bump: Not if this gets any traction...


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Absolutely a solid hire to replace Coach L. I thought they'd wind up with Jeff Jones from American. I'm looking forward to seeing the contract details for Hewitt.

Thank goodness we have a actual coach again. Hewitt was a program disaster to say the least. They should have never left Coach L go.

With that being said, Dave Paulsen is doing a excellent job with a young team. Was always a big fan of him when he was at Bucknell.

Felt great taking down Vcu tonight.

"Most damaging loss of the night: VCU falling to rebuilding George Mason. Rams are probably A-10 tournament title-or-bust now."

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