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8/14 Tigers at Orioles

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Why do I feel like an EPIC post game blow up to the media by Gregg will occur? Especially after the 36 fans there booed SO loudly...

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Why do I feel like an EPIC post game blow up to the media by Gregg will occur? Especially after the 36 fans there booed SO loudly...

Six batters faced, walks in two runs. Gets nobody out. What a ridiculous joke this guy is.

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hahahaha - Gregg is the worst.

This is good though - Gregg hasn't blown anywhere near as many saves this year as his quality of pitching indicates he should - you can rest assured if he keeps the closer job that regression to the mean will occur in spades next year. Our best hope is that Gregg is so horrific down the stretch this year that the organization comes to their senses and goes with someone else/anyone else as closer next year. Today was a step in the right direction on that front.

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Gregg must have it in his contract that he can't be pulled in the 9th before 25 P or 4 R's whichever comes first.:rolleyestf:

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    • Interesting nugget... I googled Grand Ole Opry to make sure I spelled it right (Thought there was an apostrophe in there somewhere but no...) Anyways... First link I trusted was Wiki. In the first paragraph it said the GOO was started in 1925! KDKA started in late 1920 (Pres. Harding election results.) GOO was only 4+ years after that! I would have guessed mid 30's maybe but 1925... that's REALLY in radio's infancy!   In 1925 I would guess there were MAYBE a couple hundred radios TOTAL within a 50 mile radius of Nashville. Well before the TVA, most of the region didn't even have electricity.
    • Something on the Front Page reminded me of this 1956 joint. There's a couple versions of this on youboob, just snagged a different one from 1965 at the Grand Ole Opry. I LOVE the fiddle player just STYLIN' for the camera. 😛    
    • While Lamar did play better than RG3, keep in mind the league context.  He had a 121 Rating+ (basically OPS+ for passer rating, adjusted for that season's averages. Over 100 is good, less is bad.)  Lamar's 2019 was 128.  So Lamar is still better, but that was RG3 as a rookie.  Who knows how he would have done if he didn't get hurt/if he was drafted by an org not owned by Dan Snyder.   That said, I don't think it's reasonable to use RG3's injury problems as a reason not to sign Lamar long term.  I think that they were specific to RG3 and the team he played for. (I think the Football Team horribly mismanaged him.)   In general running QBs havent had high injury risk, any more than regular QBs.  Look at Steve Young, Randall Cunningham, Russell Wilson, Newton, Culpeper, VIck.  All have been fairly durable, certainly no bigger an injury risk than any other QB.  There is some risk that some injuries are going to be more damaging to Lamar's career because of his reliance on his athleticism, but given that many running QBs have stayed productive into their 30s I think this risk is relatively low. I don't think Vick is a great comp because he didn't really figure out how to be a passer until after he came back from his jail sentence.  Vick's best Rating+ pre-jail/suspension is 104, which is worse than Lamar's 2020.  And that's taking 6 Vick seasons compared to 3 Lamar seasons. I think Deshaun Watson checks off more boxes as a good comp, because of the recency of his contract, his performance, his playoff (lack of) success, and his playing style. If we're being realistic, Lamar has no real comparables.  There isn't a QB in NFL history that generates as much true dual-threat value as Lamar.  I think this actually is a problem when trying to figure out how much to pay him.  He's got the intangibles, sure (at least when it comes to regular season play) but with no real comps, it's kind of impossible to project his development/future performance. We know that the Ravens don't really throw the ball much, but in 2019 they were pretty damn efficient at it, and in 2020 they were middle-of-the-pack.  But when you can run the ball for 6-10 yards a carry, it kind of eliminates the need to throw the ball.  Imagine how good you'd have to be throwing the ball to make it a better proposition than running in most game situations.  And we also don't know how much his running ability affects his passing game.  And there's no way to know that until he can't run anymore.  Which isn't happening for 4-5 years barring injury. Even if it's risky, I think you really have no choice but to pay him, especially if you can get a contract with an out after his age-28 or 29 season.  It's easy to point to our mistake with thinking Flacco was worth an extension, but that's no reason to deny Lamar his extension, especially given that he's already shown the ability to singlehandedly carry us into the playoffs, even if he has struggled once there.  Flacco never carried this team in the regular season the way Lamar does.  In fact it was our multiple HOFers on the other side of the ball that carried Flacco into the postseason so he could be the hero for a couple games.  Credit to him for stepping up in January, but someone has to get us there, and we don't have anyone else who can do that.  The chance that we find someone in the draft that can do that is not that great.  Certainly lower than the chance that Jackson is going to take us to the SB.  I guess we could talk swapping him for someone like Deshaun Watson, but I just don't know how plausible that really is.
    • Lol, you gotta wait until spring training for those gems.
    • Well, now we know why Jim Hunter became redundant.
    • Brob was one of those let go.  I will miss him!  But he  remains as an "ambassador" as does Demper.  
    • I must have missed it, but I haven't seen anyone mention B-rob. Is he gone? I thought I heard him on some broadcasts last summer.
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