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Connolly: Male body found near Mike Flanagan's home (Update: WBAL has confirmed it's Mike Flanagan)

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I remember the Orioles playing this song at Memorial Stadium after wins. I remember my Dad and I being two of the last fans to leave, walking around the upper deck stomping on empty cups and making them pop. In the background, I'll never forget this song playing on the the stadium PA. First thing I thought of this morning.

<iframe width="420" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/J17FUJORVYE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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When Owen Hart died, one of his friends/coworkers, Mark Henry, composed one of the most beautiful poems I've ever heard in his memory. Given how Mr. Flanagan felt we blamed him at least partially for the team's woes, I'd like to dedicate this poem in his memory now.

You feel the burn when you cry.

It starts to come when someone dies.

The pain you feel as your eyes swell

And the tears will up in the wells.

The burn starts to choke you up.

The words come out slow and shaken.

You close your eyes and wonder why

There is a burn when you cry.

When Mike left it felt like hands across my throat.

I couldn't talk I couldn't see.

The burn overwhelmed me.

My heart is heavy, this is why

You get the burn when you cry.

It digs down deep, you cannot sleep.

You toss and turn in your sheets.

Awaken with sobs and wet pillow cases.

You wander aimlessly looking to the sky.

You feel the burn when you cry.

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Just awful. I'm not even going to try to write something meaningful here. He was just one of the good guys from when I was a kid. I'll always remember him pitching with that big leg brace in '83 or '84? Had that wonderful, dry sense of humor on TV.

When I was writing for the Hangout his wife emailed me once. Said Mike wouldn't mind talking to me. I didn't know if the email was for real, and who the heck was I, just some guy writing for a web page, and I didn't follow up. I really wish I had.

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I desperately hope he didn't make such a choice because of fan perceptions of his GM years. That makes me feel awful, and I have to think there was something more going on.

I'll wear my Os tie to work today in his honor. Wish I could do so much more.

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Depression is horrible.

The feelings of dread, the internalization of failure, the distancing from your own best personality and from those you love...

It's soul crushing and wretched.

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Oh my God! I was out with family last night and didn't find out until I read the paper this morning. I kept reading and re-reading because it just couldn't be true. I had to be missing something.

I'm heartbroken for his family and friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. Just so awful. Horrible, horrible news.

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When Memorial Stadium closed down in 1991, after the game, all the players went to the positions at which they had played for the Orioles. There were two dozen pitchers on the mound when former Orioles catcher Rick Dempsey got behind the plate and put down a sign. Dempsey was terrific defensively, and one of the game's best throwers, but he wasn't a particularly good game-caller. "All 25 pitchers shook him off,'' said Flanagan.

This is astonishingly hilarious.

There are just countless stories like this.

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