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Don Quixote

4/6/2012: OPENING DAY - Orioles vs. Twins

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I'm not, honestly. Opening Day crowd is usually kind of lax and late getting into their seats. By 2nd inning, it'll look more packed.

Some people never make it from the bars. Also the scalpers have to lower the prices.

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    • So you mention Diaz, who is projected to play right field.  Why not just mention Santander who would be in Left?  You can see how it would be confusing when you mention a guy that plays CF/RF while talking about LF/1B/DH types.
    • Love me some Wieters.    There’s just something about his stoic demeanor that I prize.    Back when catchers were allowed to block the plate, he was an immovable object and players were afraid to try to bowl him over knowing they’d get the worst of it.   One of the best catch-and-tag guys I’ve ever seen, and even after blocking was outlawed his long arms gave him great range for catching the ball out front and making sweep tags.    Really good at pitch blocking, too.    And, he had a gun for an arm before his TJ surgery.   He may not have been the best pitch framer or game caller, but I loved those other skills.   And I loved the look on his face when he made a good defensive play, kind of, “what did you expect?”   The guy may not have lived up to the hype offensively, but I truly enjoyed having him in black and orange.    
    • I was responding to this from Frobby. And that is true because the O's have players and prospects in the 1B/LF position  including Mancini and Diaz who  is projected to take over RF in the next year and move Santander to LF.     But if the O's did not have Mancini and Diaz/Santander  it might to smart to use high draft picks to get 1B/LFer.   It depend on what a team have in their the system.    There is a 1B in the June draft the is highly rated and some team that needs him will be smart to draft him. Yes its smart to  draft the best player available.  But when a team concentrates on positions, like Elias did with C/CF/SS,  that depends on what positions the team needs in their system.
    • Apparently, he got $2-3 mm.  https://www.mlb.com/news/michael-cuddyer-mets-reach-buyout-agreement-c165936318
    • Yeah, I think he got something.   But he was the one who initiated the move, it appears.    
    • So you think a promotional event in the dead of winter that lets say attracts 6-7K is a bad idea because of optics?  Fanfest is to promote the team. The event is not televised. If attendance is down who cares. People aren’t chuckling and making smart ass comments on social media like they do with empty stadiums.  I did some research today. In 2017 an article said it was the 4th time in 5 years the event drew around 15k. I think the one year it was lower was because they had it in December because of a conflict with the convention center. In 18 they had 11k, coming off a losing season and no Manny and Schoop. Last year they said there was around 8k.  I have gone to the event probably at least 80% of the years they have had it. I had to miss it in 18 but before that it was probably a decade plus since I did not go. Last year there was a huge line getting into the event. It wasn’t like you looked around and no one was there. You could tell as the day went on it was not as crowded as in years past but it certainly was not a dead atmosphere by any means. I love going to games and don’t let the attendance impact my own enjoyment, that said some of the games the last couple of years were like going to the library.  The casual fan has already checked out. They aren’t coming back until the team starts winning. Take care of the people that still do care.   
    • Thanks for the Cuddyer example, it certainly sounds like he got some sort of buyout.
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