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1st RD - Caps vs. Bruins

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    • Y'know, MLB / American Sports TV outlets or even better... Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ should seek out a TV contract with the NPB.  It could be an avenue into the younger generation getting excited about baseball.  Japanese culture is huge in the states and might garner some younger viewership. Korea too, sign them up also! With how immensely popular baseball is in those countries I'm sure they'd get a lot of views and interest. Get some K-pop bands on the promo tour, bring the Japanese mascots along. 🔥 🔥 The Premier League is huge here. Why not Japanese baseball? Not to mention I'd love to check it out and would LOVE watching AJ be a superstar.   Jonesy is loving every second of it.
    • Good question! They may be likely to go with 4-8 regional divisions.
    • No not shorter careers. But the DH types would most likely get crowded out of 1B by the newer younger models. With only so many first base slots to chose from. That while not being a definite is a very likely scenario.
    • There were a few bats that played well early and moved on from Sarasota pretty quickly like Fontana and Craig Lewis-about a month into the GCL season. Those two got less than 50 ABs. Trevor Putzig, Mason Janvrin and catcher Harris Yett stayed around until theirs totaled around 100. I would be curious if a similar track is followed this year, especially if things go well and one or both of this combo start out as team leaders.  Will there be an early push upwards and will they be a part of it?  Maybe wait until August and see if they can be assets to competing affiliates?   I think the point being stressed about their age and lack of experience and need for PA’s is clear as of today.  They need to play consistently, see pitches and hit against their peers probably more than anything right now.
    • Baltimore is a good destination for pitchers who don't have a chance at starting just about anywhere else.  Is a contending team giving Cashner 30+ starts?
    • Vargas is running on fumes and will be 37 years old. Better off to gamble on a AAAA type or younger established pitcher coming off injury trouble.
    • Cashner or Vargas would be fine Kevin Millwood style deals. Collin McHugh would be nice if the Houston connection carries any weight. I imagine reclamation type SPs won't want to come to Baltimore. I do wonder if they still have interest in chasing glove first ML contracts like Yolmer Sanchez, Kevin Pillar, or Billy Hamilton. They'd make the year more pleasant since I don't want to see Stevie Wilkerson starting every day if someone gets hurt. Or Mancini in the outfield. Means, Cobb, Cashner, Woj, Akin is a good rotation for me this year.  Sisco, Mancini, Alberto, Iglesias, Sanchez, Hays, Hamilton, Santander, Nunez is a good defensive lineup.  3 ML contracts and $10M more is a pipe dream though I'm assuming.
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