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Orioles 2012 Draft Tracker

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10th Hutter

14th McAdams

16th Rennie

18th Kimmel

19th Hader

23rd Escat

25th Simpson

30th Vega

... all seem to be nothing more than organizational filler. 17th Grim seems like a decent kid who had a terrible spring.

Outside the top 10, it appears that:

12th Waltrip

15th Velasquez

21st Service

25th Herbst

31st Bazzani

33rd Plaia

are the possible overslots, with Velasquez (2nd rd-ish) being the gem followed by Waltrip (5th/6th Rd-ish) and Service (8th Rd-ish)*

When all is said and done, if the Orioles can end up with Gausman, Kline, Marin, Walker, Rutledge, Price, Boss, Waltrip, Velasquez and Service... it will initially seem like a pretty decent draft.

*According to BA, anyway...

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McAdams, Hader, and Rennie were HS signs, so I'll wait a few years before calling them organizational guys.

I agree with the guys you listed as possible overslots, but Herbst is a senior so I doubt he gets much to sign. I think Waltrip and Service are both ready to sign according to twitter.

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* Round 3 - High school SS Adrian Marin

* Round 6 - Samford LHP Lex Rutledge

* Round 8 - Michigan State OF Torsten Boss

* Round 9 - Grand Canyon University RHP Brady Wager

* Round 10 - Dallas Baptist SS Joel Hutter

* Round 14 - High school RHP Sean McAdams

* Round 18 - Stetson catcher Sam Kimmel

* Round 19 - High school LHP Josh Hader

* Round 23 - Fresno State RHP Gene Escat

* Round 24 - Washington State IF Tommy Richards

* Round 25 - Auburn IF Creede Simpson

* Round 27 - University of Tampa SS Anthony Caronia

* Round 30 - Manhatten College OF Anthony Vega

* Round 35 - LHP Charles Porter

Boss, Hutter, Simpson, Kimmel and Escat are draft picks that have already reported to Aberdeen to begin workouts in advance of the IronBirds season opener.


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Among the latest players to reach agreements are 18th-round pick catcher Sam Kimmel of Stetson, 22nd-round pick outfielder Will Howard of Kennesaw State, 30th-round selection outfielder Anthony Vega of Manhattan College and 38th-round pick catcher Jack Graham of Kenyon College.

The Orioles signed two players as free agents that were not drafted. They are University of Maryland pitcher Sander Beck, who went 6-2 with a 2.87 ERA this year for the Terps. They have also signed University of San Francisco first baseman Nik Balog. The lefty batter hit .302 this year with 15 doubles and was fifth in the West Coast Conference with 44 RBIs. He will report to the O's Gulf Coast League team. Beck is with Aberdeen.


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Do you think Rutledge signed for over slot? Why have we not heard about his signing bonus if he came to Baltimore?

According to Baseball America-Rutledge did sign for slot- $196,200.

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