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Carlos Santana was out by six feet, but apparently umpire Jim Wolf is legally blind (Deadspin)

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It is as if they are having a competition to see who can blow the most obvious call.

I think this one puts Wolf in the lead over Welke's call at first base back in May. At least Welke had the excuse that he was in a terrible position (his own fault) to make the call.

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Terrible call, but a horribly misleading article title. It's not like Wolf didn't see the ball beat the runner by 6 feet, he said he was bobbling the ball. Obviously it's the wrong call, but that's just terrible "journalism". Of course...it is Deadspin...

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Joey Votto got an "error" on the throw.

Plus, instead of the inning ending right there (like it should have), the Indians proceeded to get 3 additional runs on a bases-clearing double before the Reds recorded the 4th and final out.

Sometimes you just have to laugh, otherwise you would probably cry.

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