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vs. INDIANS 7/20

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Did anybody notice the great looking woman that was in the stands where Damon jumped in to make the catch? She was giving him the groupie smile, saying "hey, jump back in here, Johnny!" watch the Mlb highlight replay..lol.

Yeah, I did. Looked like Johnny noticed her too.

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I hope not man. I started to get my drink-on, so hopefully this turns out well.

My drink is well on already. I hope I'm wrong also. If this game goes sour, I might cry myself to sleep tonight lolz.

I'm just saying I smell a 3 game win streak.

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IP:O 4

H:o. 3

R:O. 1

BB:. 2 *

SO:. 3

Pitches: 75 (49 Strikes, 26 Balls)

2012 ERA: 2.54







* 1 Hit Batsman


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I've seen just about the whole game, just in an odd way. I arrived a few minutes late from my downtown cupcake and pretzel journey (where I found out that, indeed, grape Turkish Taffy is no longer available), just in time to see the ball four that allowed the Orioles' first run. I was non-plussed in the bottom of the first, and I decided the hell with the tacos I was going to fix. Chinese takeout it is. As I watched the Orioles get men on second and third with none out, I figured they wouldn't score, and when the second out was recorded, I went to get the food, which was supposed to be ready. I ended up waiting for awhile, and when I got back, it was 7-1. I was incredulous, and just had to wind it back. Hilarious inning there. They were hitting the ball all over the place, some of them very unexpectedly. If it wasn't for those two defensive plays to end it, who knows how long it would have gone on. Good stuff. Not a bad follow-up in the fourth; great home run by Thome. Glad to see turnabout is fair play as far as the scoreline, as well as Gonzalez settling down after the first inning.

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