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Baseball Gif Thread

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Guy that put it together got hired by Fangraphs.

That's pretty awesome. Really interesting way to look at how a guy can throw from the same release point with five different movement/locations.

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I saw this the other day on MLB tonight and thought it was amazing.
Guy that put it together got hired by Fangraphs.

I think it is amazing, and that he deserved the gig.

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He said "still wish we had you," not "wish we still had you." ;)

Ahh gotcha now :D .My mind was putting the wrong emPHASis on the incorrect word.

In that case, I also wish we had the poor head sliding guy. I think Kinsler really was just trying to look cool sliding in like this guy in the video and messed up his move.


Texas has too many good infielders anyways. We'll take the embarrassing Ian off their hands and it will solve their problem of what to do with Profar.

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    • Andrews was targeted 11 times and only caught 4.  I remember at least 1 drop that was in between his numbers. Dobbins dropped at least 2 that were in between his numbers.  Including one that would have saved another airmailed snap.
    • Fair enough.    There have been many times we heard over the winter that a late season injury was nothing serious, only to find out the following March or April that the player needs surgery.   I’ll certainly be holding my breath.
    • We might get lucky with Brown, Jr.  I'd love to see him stay, but I don't think they franchise him and they might just not be able to do it, especially if they extend Lamar.  Which is part of the reason I think we shouldn't extend Lamar this year.  I think it's a foregone conclusion they will, but he still has 2 years, let him earn another year of his rookie deal that allows us some flexibility with supporting cast members.  Zeus Jr might be able to get done then.  But I think Lamar getting an extension is almost certain.
    • I was talking to a friend during the game and commented, "It's like they know what's coming... Just like the Chargers a couple years ago."  Playing your old team in the Playoffs has to be scary.  But I do feel like we run what Tyrod Taylor was running up there with Roman.  We might do it a little better , but... when the passing side of the OFF is utterly useless, you aren't going to win many games against similarly good teams.  And when you don't change up, predictability is a killer. I just hope that with the coming commitment to Lamar the FO does something equally as big and gets someone who can develop him and this offense into something really special.  Roman is a running game savant, I think we have to give him that.  But there needs to be someone to help him to integrate a real passing scheme - whether that's an outstanding QB coach and outstanding WR's coach to join him or us moving on to a more complete OC, something has to give if Lamar gets signed for the next 6-12 years. I asked earlier who a new OC might be.  I have no clue, honestly.  I just know we are gonna be a hard luck story for many years to come if we don't at least begin to put a competent passing game into place and then all the money they are going to spend on Lamar will be for naught.  Commit to him, we have to commit to a system that is a complete game.
    • MacDonald officially gone to Michigan. Culley is gone to Jackonsville.
    • Lamar didn’t have much time to throw yesterday but Roman never adjusted.  Screens, quick throws, etc...none of that is in our offense.     Roman has got to go.  As much as I think Lamar holds us back, Roman may hold us back more.
    • Mekari is actually a decent center but he was subpar last night.  Ken McKusick routinely graded him out well at center.   The Ravens have some Oline decisions to make for sure.  Powers was terrible last night but he did well once he started. Bozeman is solid.  I think you either sign or trade Zeus Jr this offseason.  If you trade him, you have to draft a replacement this year.
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