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vs. TWINS, 4/07

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Our pitching hasn't been very good. Not yet.

The problem is. If Jones catches that ball, EVERYTHING is different. Hernandez is probably yanked earlier when in trouble. BUt in a one run game, the dynamics change, the Twins are energized and the O's are suddenly tight.

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We're a good team. Stuff happens in baseball that's just how it goes. But we're a talented team and we'll be okay. Then again I'm probably too optimistic for my own good. :P

I agree we are a talented team, which is what makes this THAT much more frustrating. Good teams don't often gift wrap wins, and we did that yesterday. A comeback today is downright necessary, heading to the red hot Red Sox tomorrow for their OPening Day.

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    • Seems just like the old SG to take a few quotes and then start bashing our FO and ownership for "dumb" things. IMO, the most telling quote in the link was also the one ME explained.  The revenue situation is uncertain.  ME is quoted as saying, "We can't estimate our revenue, our attendance ....  We can't estimate various things that we look at when we look at a player or roster budget."  In light of such uncertainty, it is quite a leap to say the FO is dumb for not pursuing a particular player - in this case, Stroman.  Most prudent, well-run businesses would operate in such as manner given the uncertainty. There are multiple ways to save $ with Chris Davis including his negotiating a settlement for possible retirement, a shortened season, etc.  All of these things are more important today than opening up Davis' roster spot.  Let's see what happens.  
    • Also, if we keep Cobb through the winter, we will need the spot for rule 5 protection.
    • It is a happy fact that I think the Orioles will be good enough next year that they won’t need him. They need good infield defense and he doesn’t provide that.
    • Some final defensive numbers: Rtot: +15 (6th in MLB) Rdrs: -3 (19th in MLB)  UZR: -5.4 (21st in MLB) Fangraphs defense: -4.4 (21st in MLB)  Fielding %: .980 (27th in MLB) Overall, a bit better than last year but below average unless you want to believe Rtot.   
    • o   GAME ONE )))))) (First Round)   CHICAGO WHITE S OX Some Guy - CF Some Guy - LF Some Guy - RF Some Guy - DH Some Guy - 3B Some Guy - 2B Some Guy - SS Some Guy - 1B Some Guy - C Lucas Frost Giolito - RHP )) (4-3, 3.48 ERA)   OAKLAND A THLETICS Some Guy - CF Some Guy - LF Some Guy - RF Some Guy - DH Some Guy - 3B Some Guy - 2B Some Guy - SS Some Guy - 1B Some Guy - C Jesus G. Luzardo - LHP )) (3-2, 4.12 ERA)   https://www.mlb.com/starting-lineups   o
    • The first tiebreaker was division record, even though they played in different divisions.  I guess since all games were East vs East, Central vs Central, West vs West... Division record = league record. If that was tied then it was record in final 20 division (league) games. If that was tied then record in final 21 div games, the. 22, the n23, and so on. Kind of silly but those are the rules.  
    • The mound is 66’ 9” from second base.  
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