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vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/24

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Rajai Davis - LF

Emilio Bonifacio - 2B

Jose Bautista - RF

Edwin Encarnacion - 1B

Melky Cabrera - DH

J.P. Arencibia - C

Colby Rasmus - CF

Brett Lawrie - 3B

Maicer Izturis - SS

Brandon Morrow - RHP (0-2, 5.57 ERA)


Josh Stinson - RHP (1-0, 0.77 ERA) [AAA-Norfolk] O (0-0, 4.50 ERA) [Advanced-A Frederick] *

Nate McLouth - LF

Manny Machado - 3B

Nick Markakis - RF

Adam Jones - CF

Chris Davis - 1B

J.J. Hardy - SS

Nolan Reimold - DH

Ryan Flaherty - 2B

Taylor Teagarden - C

* Stinson's 2013 Major League Debut


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IP:. 0

H:o 0

R:O 0

BB: 0

SO: 0

Pitches: 000 (00 Strikes, 00 Balls)

2013 ERA: 0.00

* Stinson's 2013 Major League Debut



00 (00 Strikes)

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Watch Stinson give us 7innings today

I wouldn't complain. I'd like it if he turned out to be another Duquette diamond in the rough ala Miguel Gonzalez.

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dan-o or offny do you have the link for vipbox? Whenever I go to the website it doesn't work, but when I click on the link it does.

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    • I don't think it's a good sign for the system as a whole when so many current draftees are ranking this high.  These kids barely got to play this year and it seems as if they are making the list because they haven't had a chance to shows the flaws in their game.
    • Good stuff. I guess the next question is, did Vavra's teammates have similar splits.  Is this a home park thing or just one of those things.
    • Tony thought the same for Little Yaz, 4th OFer at best, if that. This is not a knock on Tony. But, its hard to really tell how these guys will mature and develope.  
    • I need to do some research to make my choice, so I went to the MLB prospect list, and man, they don’t agree with this list at all. No help there!
    • The signing bonuses (even if inflated for HS prospects) of Mayo/Baumler suggest to me they are second/third round talents and so would be appropriate here IMO.   
    • Hmmm so our #13 Prospect projects to nothing more than a utility guy? and presumably everyone behind him has as much or less potential?
    • I will plant the Adam Hall flag here - probably on my own island - well as a comp to Vavra - not necessarily at 13. Both Hall and Vavra played in the South Atlantic League last year.  Vavra had extreme home away splits and by extreme I mean Home 400/484/640/1124 and AWAY 224/320/316/636. Hall's overall numbers trail Vavra due to that extreme split, but in (IMO) the most legitimate comp between the two - Hall outhit Vavra on the road with a respectable 291/360/369/729.  League average numbers for the South Atlantic League last year were 239/316/362/677 which Vavra's road numbers trail.  Vavra's road numbers also trailed those of the promoted 2019 draft picks Johnny Rizer and Toby Welk in the Sally League in 2019 - prospects I don't think we will see anywhere near here. As Tony mentioned, included in Vavra's numbers are superior BB/K numbers which were 62/62 in 2019 with similar home/away splits.  Hall did walk in about 9% of his PAs, but struck out much more often in 117 times - nearly a quarter of his PAs. I believe Hall has a better middle infield defensive profile with a chance, albeit a low one, to stick at SS but capable of playing a competent major league 2B IMO.   A final important factor to me is that Hall is two years younger than Vavra and played about one year younger than the Sally League average in 2019 while Vavra was a year older than league average. Tony has the inside word here and the Os had to like something in Vavra to take him in trade so I will prepare in advance to eat future crow when I say I prefer Hall to Vavra.
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