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vs. YANKEES, 6/29

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Pre game check list. Pepsi on the rocks, Popcorn, fatty. I'm ready. Time to lay the hammer to those..., add in your own bad words.

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The SKANKS shot their wad yesterday! Switching up CC and Phelps.

And. They. Still. Lost.

MFY! We now have the decided advantage in this series! AAAA lineup that Zach can carve up! GO O'S!!!!!!!!

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    • They have a sweet deal because they push that charge onto all subscribers, even if the subscriber could care less about baseball or the Orioles. But then again, Verizon FIOS just changed our video franchise fee from $9.95 to $29.95 with no heads up and explanation, so cable companies continue to add charges onto your "rates" while their service becomes worse and worse.
    • Yep.  Watching a game with Thorne and Palmer was a treat no matter what the score was.  And Tony is correct, Thorne was a national announcer, he brought a feeling of gravitas to the game despite the fact that it was a regional thing.  
    • Exactly, I can watch the Orioles get kicked around by the Rays or Yankees when Thorne and Palmer are on the call. I can't say the same with the current batch of broadcasters. 
    • I like Scott, and I'm sure he was cheaper than Gary, but Gary was like having a national announcer call your games. Even with his quirks, his humor and his chemistry with Palmer was a good listen most of the time, even during hard to watch games.
    • Beats me.  I don't really get it but I am sure they're happy being in the stone age and pissing off their fans even more.  The team is already hard enough to watch, be thankful some of us still want to watch it and make it easier for us to do so.
    • Oh I totally get it. I paid for Directv in North Carolina for many years only to watch O's games, because it was my only option. I'd happily pay quite a bit to be able to stream the O's without a cable subscription, but I don't know how many other people would.  The cable companies and RSNs still have a pretty sweet deal because so many people pay a fee in their bill to cover local sports rights that couldn't care less about sports.    
    • Right, that's what gets me, if all but the Orioles and I think the Dodgers have a way to make money streaming, why do the Orioles think they will lose money? 
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