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vs. YANKEES, 6/29

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Let's game a game on the Sux!

Whoever posted that In/Out burger picture, I am now drooling

That was me.

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Anyone willing and able to help out an old friend with an online feed? I'm stuck with a useless MLB.tv account and an even more useless Reds-Rangers series on the tube.

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    • Team player contracts aren't privileged information.  Deferred money impacts luxury tax numbers.
    • I feel bad that it happened to her but do we know he faked a news tip? She thought it was a news tip but the article says the player told her he had something to tell her. Not that that really makes this acceptable. While it sucsk that something like that happpenedl, the reality is Trey Mancini is in a relationship with a reporter. Relationships do sometimes start in the course of your job. I think in an ideal world, the player would say, "Hey I like you. Do you want to get a drink, grac a coffeet, etc.?? instead of trying to jump on her at a hotel room which is pretty disgraceful. At the same time, if I was a reporter, male or female and someone told me, "Hey I need to tell you something. Come to my hotel room," I'm pretty sure I'd press them on it. "Why can't you just tell me it on the phone. What's it about?" If I have a daughter, I'm going to tell her, "Be forewarned. Guys are often thinking of something sexual." It sucks you have to think that way but it's reality.    
    • Or maybe it will, but like most of the stuff thats discussed here - neither of us know.....
    • I don't think it is going to become SOP to ask guys to take deferments on non-guaranteed contracts.  
    • Nothing to see here!  This is the business side of "the shift."  Every team will be doing it 2-3 years from now.  Just because you're the first doesn't mean you're wrong or that the team is for sale - settle down.
    • Thorne and Palmer together make watching every game of a 100 loss season worth it. He has fun. Yes, some geeks will say he gets names wrong or may be drinking, so what. So do I. LOVED Dempsey as welll.n Such a homer, but so excited. His homerism is the whole reason why I still have MASN versus buying MLB.tv and getting the games through a VPN. I wanted to watch the pre and post-game shows. As an announcer, I didn't love Bordick but feel bad for a man with a ton of kids getting a pink slip. Let's hope he saved some of the $27 million he made during his career. I just read the Sun article. Thorne summed up why I liekd him perfectly. He got along great with Thorne, they told stories and had fun. Them having fun made me have fun. “We became great friends and will remain that way,” Thorne said. “It was great storytelling. We had a tremendous crew that broadcast the games. We genuinely had a good time, worked hard, but enjoyed it, and that’s the kind of stuff I’ll miss. We had a situation where I think we provided a really good broadcast, and it wasn’t accidental. It was because of the people who were working it, and I’ll miss those relationships.”  
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