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vs. ROYALS, 7/23

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The Orioles had 5 All-Stars, are on a 5 game winning streak, coming off sweeping the Rangers, down only two runs with almost half the game left to go.

Some of you need a stiff drink.

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I like that we are still hanging around in this ball game.

The royals could have put this to bed by now like we did last night.......but they haven't.

Provided Hammel gets out of this inning.

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Yea. At least Roberts had the balls to admit that he's a cheater.

I think a cheater is still a cheater. I dont care if you confess. You still defrauded the game and the fans.

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    • Seems like a fun spot to put this.  Of course this is very early in the contract.  
    • It’s an aspect of the Anthropocene. In the old days it rained, it created a swamp, you went home. Now we have to interpret the degree to which our ability to stop the swamp from happening was within our control or not. A hurricane: official game. A gear on your retractable dome fails: suspend the game. Your grounds crew pulls a Three Stooges: ???
    • o    BALTIMORE O RIOLES TBD Alexander Miller Cobb - RHP )) (1-1, 2.51 ERA)   PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES TBD Zachary Harrison Wheeeler - RHP )) (2-0, 2.08 ERA) ) *   * )) Leads the National League in Winning Percentage (1.000)   https://www.mlb.com/starting-lineups   o
    • How does your analysis square with this language that suggests that a mechanical failure that is the but for cause of a game not resuming does not result in a suspended game? “If a game is halted by weather, and subsequent light failure or an intervening curfew or time limit prevents its resumption, the game shall not be a suspended game.”  
    • That’s actually pretty clear, points for you!
    • The weather clause only "trumps" the equipment malfunction clause in the sense that, IF the equipment didn't malfunction (or was unintentionally used improperly), THEN the equipment malfunction clause isn't grounds for suspending the game anyway. If the equipment malfunction (or unintentional misuse thereof) IS the proximate cause (the most direct event) of the game being unable to be completed today, then the rule kicks in and the game is suspended.  Think about it this way: "But for" the grounds crew's failure to use the tarp properly, the game would have resumed less than an hour after the rain started, because there wasn't enough rain to call the game under "normal" circumstances, because a reasonably deployed tarp would have kept the infield playable after a small amount of work on it after the rain. There is no amount of rain that can fall in 15 minutes that would prevent a reasonably competent 21st century grounds crew from successfully using a tarp or other device (e.g. closing a roof) to prevent the field from getting so wet that the game can't be resumed the same day. The only way the Orioles should've been entitled to a 5-game win today is if the rain was so persistent, or the volume of it so high, that despite correct procedures being taken, the amount of time required to wait out the rain and then make the field playable would've been unreasonably long in the judgment of the umpires. But that didn't happen, so one of two things should have happened today: either (1) the grounds crew correctly deployed the tarp, and we resumed the game about an hour later, or (2) the grounds crew did not correctly deploy the tarp, and we resume the game another date.  Seems perfectly straightforward to me. This is how law in the US works, by, the way. If someone punches you in the face, you can't then fall on the ground and decide to intentionally roll around in a bed of nails, then sue for both the punch and the injuries from the nails. The guy who punched you is responsible for the punch, but not for you deciding to roll around in the bed of nails.  Here is the precedential case law: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palsgraf_v._Long_Island_Railroad_Co.
    • There's a whole discussion in the last few pages of the game thread.  Rules have different things to say about games where the weather says you can't resume, or games where non weather causes like electrical or grounds crew failures.  All the specific rules are quoted there, and they are hard to interpret.  Go there for the gory details if you want.
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