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Snyder's attempt to defuse the "Redskins" name controversy

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On 7/18/2020 at 10:55 AM, atomic said:

Maybe you need to block yourself. 

Is that possible? I rarely post anymore.

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On 7/24/2020 at 11:16 AM, SouthRider said:

I prefer Washington Football Club to Washington Football Team; but in any case, I think this is the way to go.  It's better than having some lame new nickname half the people don't like.  I am also glad they didn't pay off that a-hole who trademarked all the decent names.  Screw that guy. 

I like the uniforms as well.  No need to change colors.  The numbers on the helmet are better than a Browns-like nothing and gives it an old-school look.  

I prefer WFC as well, but I think both have a surprising ring to them. It’s like the Brooks Brothers of names. Classic; some people will like it and few will hate it. It would still work with a whimsical mascot....like a loud pink tie you bought in Tokyo. And it would also feel right at home with an old standard like a bald eagle. Or you could split the difference and have it wear raw denim and an untucked slim cut oxford.

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On 7/23/2020 at 12:54 PM, dorfmac said:

Washington Football Team it is! Must be having a difficult time wrestling away the trademarks. Usually, you just pay the patent owner and it all gets resolved pretty quickly. I know that Apple has to do it pretty regularly for naming trademarks and web domains and it never seems to be that hard.


The thing about trademarks (not patents) is that you have to actually use them to keep them. You can't just sit on a name and stop anyone else from using it. They are also specific to your particular industry. So, for example, you can have Delta Airlines and Delta faucets. So if someone grabbed, say "Washington Warriors" they'd have to specify the industry was a sports team, and they'd actually have to start using that name for a sports team within a certain amount of time or the application would go away. They would also want to own the trademark for clothing etc., so they'd have to actually make and sell shirts etc. or the application would go away. You generally can't just have de minimus use, sell a shirt here and there, you have to show that it is real commercial use, you're really running a business selling shirts.

Since no one actually has such a sports team yet, I.e. they haven't actually used the mark in commerce, they would file an intent to use application. They would have to show some objective evidence that they really had an intent to use this mark for a sports team at the time they filed. This may be hard given they were all(?) filed for right after it became clear the name was changing. Snyder could file his own application and fight the earlier application on the grounds that they didn't really intend to use the mark, they were just filing it to reserve it so they could sell it. It could be easier to just negotiate with the guy depending on what he wants, but Snyder is the guy that sued his own fan for trying to back out of season tickets so who knows. 

ETA I'm a lawyer that works at the USPTO, though I'm in patents and only have basic familiarity with trademarks. Here are a couple links that seem consistent with the above.




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