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vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/24

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    • I think  Zach Davies can make a strong case for it, based on his turn around success.
    • While the Orioles continue to make outside hires for various departments, they’re also likely to do some shuffling of personnel in the minors. Nothing is official, but I’ve heard from various people that Single-A Delmarva manager Kyle Moore could join high Single-A Frederick as Ryan Minor’s replacement. Minor league infield coordinator Dave Anderson would be given the managing job with the Shorebirds under this scenario. Delmarva development coach Pat Leyland, son of former major league manager Jim Leyland, might manage one of the Dominican Summer League teams. Triple-A Norfolk hitting coach Butch Davis has been offered a role on Double-A Bowie’s coaching staff. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/09/nunez-hoping-hand-heals-and-hes-available-tonight.html
    • Honestly outside of the truly elite not many SPs go 6+ innings anymore so I'm not sure I'd hold that against him. The telling stat for me is that his era is a 1.5 is better than our next best SP (Bundy). He's literally been a lone diamond in a dumpster fire. 
    • I doubt it, but don’t know who the logical candidates are.
    • Just in time, the AFL season starts today.    As a reminder, this year the O’s players are on the Surprise Saguaros, and include: Rylan Bannon Cody Carroll Dean Kremer  David Lebron  Mason McCoy Alex Wells  With Austin Hays joining once the major league season ends.   Kyle Moore (Delmarva’s manager) is serving as one of the coaches. The regular season runs through October 25.    I’m looking forward to having some more box scores to read!
    • Was Mancini bad enough last year to be in the running for national comeback player of the year?
    • I don't think this was a case of players and coaches overlooking Temple or letting the big wins get to their head, this was a case of a QB who struggled under the first pressure he saw and awful play calling, particularly in the red zone.  The fact that Temple tried to give them the game twice and the awful play calling kept trying to stuff it up the middle, when they have Piggy, McFarland and Leake. Are you telling me that anyone here thinks if they had spread out the defense, put Piggy in shotgun with McFarland and Leake that they don't think they could get a yard with a option play? My biggest concern is that the game calling is always going to be this unimaginative and awful in the red zone when the line is going to be dominated. Good coordinators understand their weakness and strengths and play to their strengths in personnel and don't try the cookie cutter old school approach. I'm also concerns that Jackson will continue to struggle when he pressured. He's not very mobile back there and once he was under pressure his decision making and accuracy dropped off significantly. That's a yellow flag for me. This game was a giant let down because they had an opportunity to go under a Nationally televised game ranked against Penn State but instead, looked like the same old Terp football program that shrinks as soon as it as a chance to shine. I also have concerns that Locksley did not over rule the play calls and also went for that awful two-point conversion. Had they gone for field goal and made it, the Terps could have gone ahead with a field goal instead of being stuffed twice on the goal line in the 4th QTR. It was one game, and people can improve and learn, but what I saw was a coaching staff and quarterback that appeared to be over their heads in their first real test of adversity.  Now if they can come out and play a good close game against Penn State it might heal some things, but only a win would erase this debacle.
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