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vs. Yankees 6 20

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I suppose you can't be too upset by Jones and Davis just going up there hacking in this situation.....well it would have been better if Davis had just kept hacking.

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Long game for only 4 runs and no rain delays, power outages, or bench clearings

A billion walks will do that to you.

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    • I think its interesting to fill out a 26 man roster with Davis on it and see how Nunez effects the at bats of other  young players.   Does it hold back Diaz from being called up in May because they are not at bats for him?  Nunez has no options so if he is on the team he has to be on the 26 man roster. I did it and had a problem finding at bats for Nunez.  I would be interested if you see the same situation.
    • To be clear - this is an "opportunity" that you believe will exist regarding Marcus Stroman and, in advance of this pending situation which exists in your head, you are bashing our ownership group in advance for their non-participation - fully aware of a massive uncertainty in our budget and how major league baseball will be played in 2021. Under what circumstances in the Marcus Stroman sweepstakes will you consider this fiction in your head to not have been an opportunity?  How many teams would have to be involved in pursuing Stroman?  What sort of contract length and duration would Stroman have to sign before you admit Stroman's signing will not represent any "opportunity"?   I expect Stroman to be on lists of top 10 2021 free agents and have now already found him on one - as the second most valuable or most sought after starting pitcher after Trevor Bauer.   I don't have an issue with investing into a future team with a good signing a year or two in advance or actually competing.  Given our financial situation, I don't think this off-season will be one where we attempt such a signing and I seriously doubt the Os will compete will much more currently competitive and well-financed for Marcus Stroman.
    • I don’t think the salary matters to be honest.  By that I mean, most teams will have 3 million to pay for his bat...if they need it.  I also don’t know that you can assume he gets 3M (or more). The question is, who needs a DH?  If the NL has the DH next year, it will be helpful but I don’t see that happening.     The need for his skill set is the bigger hindrance in trading him vs the salary imo. If we cut him, I could see Tampa or Oakland scooping him right up (if they have a need at that position)
    • I sort of feel like Bowie might get a bigger piece of the pie chart of the remaining development of all the guys who were there this summer as 2020 got them oriented to the motels, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.   AA was already the proving ground for blue chips anyway. This is my code for saying I have nary an objection should Adley/Grayson never see Frederick unless they're maybe pouring beers at a caravan stop.
    • Do you think Nunez has any trade value at a 3m salary?
    • Realistically, could we eat 1/2 of Cobb’s salary and trade him?  I’m not so sure on that one.    He’s not good enough to crack a “contenders” rotation, and he’s too expensive for a fringe contender to buy in the offseason.    I think we’ll some interesting trades involving any of the players in arbitration(Nunez, Alberto, Severino), or our “established” relievers that have some value(Fry, Armstrong) Just to clear 40 man roster space.  Given our SP situation, it’s looking like 2023 is the earliest that we could contend. Especially if we go back to the old playoff format. 
    • A’s won their division.  WS didn’t and ended up a WC team.
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