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vs. INDIANS, 8/15

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Thats a little more understandable than getting it in the finger because your hand was over tje middle of the plate. Otherwise anyone could just throw their hands out whemever they wanted and get a free base

If it hits the batter and not the bat IT"S A HPB!

What part don't you understand? He didn't swing!

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I'm just glad we have no one on our team with his attitude.

Im not getting paid 15 mil to play a childs game and not to have that attitude.

Besides im the best reverse jinxer on this board. Trust me, you want me making these comments. Besides, theres a neat little feature called blocking someone.

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    • It's a snapshot after a single season. No doubt Gunnar could be above Mayo next year just based on Gunnar's performance alone. That kid could be special. He did have an up and down season though, both at the plate and in the field.  If he's like some of the kids I know, the offseason can be used to really clean up the game. Not sure that applies as they get older, but there's nothing stopping Gunnar from being our #1 prospect next year. It might not be likely, but it's possible.
    • Little too aggressive for me.   I have Cowser, Henderson and Hall ahead of Mayo.   I will have to seen more of Mayo before I rank him that high.   I am not real sure yet if he ranks ahead of Stowers and Kjerstad as a right fielder.
    • 65, 65, 60. Awesome. Ceilings of 75, 75, 65. Not sure where Cowser, Henderson and Hall will fall on future grades, but I know their ceilings will be high. That's a nice top of the list. Really interested to see where a couple of the international guys fall too. Next year I'm expecting to see a name (or 2-4) really shoot up the lists like Mayo did this year, and I'm not just thinking about the #1 overall pick.
    • Hey, if Tony thinks he's a better prospect than Cowser is, that's a good thing, because Cowser is - relatively speaking - a known quantity.  
    • It's Cowser, IMO, and those are 5 good players on that list. I'm thinking Markakis at the plate. Better range, less arm, in the outfield. Low risk, but pretty high upside player with high probability to start for Baltimore relatively soon and for a long time. He's here because his upside is comparable to the other guys but he has less risk. In fact, I'd wager that Tony's rankings of Henderson, Hall and Stowers will depend on how he views their risk as much as their upside, with Stowers' upside a tick behind the other two and thus probably the last of them to show on the list, IMO. 
    • I have Gunnar Henderson #3 because he projects to play the more premium defensive position, and despite having less raw power than Mayo, showed some plate discipline at all levels that he played at this past season, which bodes well for Gunnar's ability to be a complete hitter. I like Tony's #3 ranking for Mayo, though. Never seen an O's prospect in my lifetime with this kind of raw power at such an early age. Most of the big publications will be lazy and rank Hall #3, but his injury risk profile and risk to be a reliever place him behind Gunnar, Mayo, and Cowser for me.
    • The more I read about Brook Lee - I worry he's another Austin Martin (no definitive position and average hitting). He's only worth the 1st pick if he stays at SS (with decent defense) or hits for power at 3rd/2nd. My concerns: He hit 10 hrs his junior year, less power than Martin at the same age and his defense has been considered average at best. Also, he's not super athletic or has a rocket arm.
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