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vs. YANKEES, 9/25

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Jeter's eyes are red, and he's tearing up.

I'm actually feeling a bit of affection for him right now.

I thought that I would never do that.

Get a hold of yourself OFFNY!!!

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Yep. Now I must avoid all sports television for the next 48 hours. But by then they will be gearing up for JETER'S LAST GAME EVER.

This may be it. I don't know, but I would think that ending probably would make you think hard about that.

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14 years, 14 years, they beat us up, it's our turn to beat up them, ruin it for them, and Showalter gets sentimental. OUTRAGEOUS.

Exactly. But you are "vile" for saying that.

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At least MLB Network is there to provide oral favors for Jeter for the rest of the night.

What else is new? He's gotten oral favors all year long even though he's had a terrible year.

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Boy I hated that. I had it on pause right after the winning run scored. Just didn't want to see the celebration. But I finally relented and caught up as I wanted to hear what Buck and Palmer had to say. Mixed feelings. Meaningless game for us, but we've been there, too (though not a direct parallel) when the O's ruined Boston's season at the end of 2011. We were jubilant on the field. They surely hated it. I just wish we'd been the spoilers tonight after the great comeback. I had the game pretty much written off with the way the defense had been playing. Then Jones and Pearce sucked me back into thinking it meant something.

Only positive I see is that it shows the O's still have the fight in 'em after a sloppy game. And it was classy to see the O's saluting Jeter and Jeter returning the favor. Other than that, I hate losing.

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I'm just pissed this is going to be shown for years and years ... and it's against us.

As was (and still is) the "Munson game," which was televised live on Monday Night Baseball just 4 days after he died in a plane crash.

If the Orioles AT LEAST win the pennant and make it to the World Series this year, this game will not stain this magical season any more than that game did our magical, American League Championship 1979 season.


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