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vs. ROYALS, 10/10 (A.L.C.S., Game One)

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Yeah. They fold. That's why they are in the ALCS. Do you even think before you post?

Don't feed miserable people such as himself, please.

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If that were the case, then the manager would never be wrong because every pitcher would perform admirably. O'day should have been in before Britton, and Delmon should have pinch hit earlier.

This one's on Buck. Outmanaged by Ned Yost...

12. Straight. Balls.

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They have a much better bullpen.

It's a lot closer if O'Day isn't injured. He's nowhere near the lock down pitcher he used to be.

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Hell of an AB Steve. Disciplined hitters vs. very undisciplined hitters. Our style of play usually does not win in the post season and it's showing its face now.

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Gang,the only way you go to the World Series is you have to win 4. Not 1. Yes, this was a disappointment, but it is FAR from over.

Never give up Roy! Not even tonight.

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    • Is that true? I remember that being part of the negotiations but I dont think it ended up being part of the deal since MLB unilaterally set the number of games. MLBTR seems to think there are still qualifying offers and so does Twitter, based on my searching.
    • I don’t disagree with anything you said, and I’m grateful you said it. Everyone needs a designated driver. But lemme play devil’s advocate for a moment. This is 60 games. ~12 starts instead of 30. 60 starters instead of 162, and several guys who can start a time or two and not ruin our lives. One trait of greatness is consistency. Over 60, that is less important than over 162. Our starters and our pen appear much superior to the last couple years. Not enough to matter in 162 because the long season takes a toll, And quality-or lack thereof- finds its level, but in 60 games? Sure. And remember the short season doesn’t help the best, because the best doesn’t need the benefits a short season offers. The defense is much better too, unless Nunez is playing third, anyway. so yes I agree with you, but it’s not out of the question.  
    • This was a nice read.  And that's not sarcasm.
    • No qualifying offers this season.
    • If Stroman gets a qualifying offer he would cost the O's their third pick (either the comp pick after round 2 or, if that pick is traded, their third round pick). Jake Odorizzi got a QO this off-season at the same age as Stroman with a less successful career to date. I think it is quite likely that Stroman gets one too.
    • I appreciate Wildcards's enthusiasm and optimism. This season is such a wildcard because of all the variables that really anything could happen and I wouldn't be overly surprised. Saying that, there is no reality where this is the beginning of a sustainable winning core.  There is just as much of a chance of this team losing ten straight games as they do of keep playing .500 ball the rest of this season.  As Drungo has point out, there are some guys who have started out this season way above their carer norms. Even if you believe Severino, Ruiz, Alberto and Nunez are breaking out as they enter their primes, does anyone think Cobb, Milone and Wojo are going to keep pitching to their current ERAs? Cobb maybe since it seems his splitter has come back, but I'm not buying long term sustainability on Milone and Hyde has used Wojo right but not letting him go more than twice through an order. 
    • What does that mean? What's the cost of Wildcard's optimism? Also, I don't think what I said constituted being negative.  That's an honest appraisal of the team.    Not much of what we are seeing looks sustainable.
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