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vs. ROYALS, 10/11 (A.L.C.S., Game Two)

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Starting to think we hit KC at the wrong time.


And I already HATE HOMER and his BS chest pounding.

Needs a little chin music, methinks.

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Why hate he doing what key players do in the playoffs. Hosmer's bloop 2-run 1B makes it 2-0 & gives him 7 RBIs in 6 playoff games. Hope Jones is watching.

Remind me to send you some KC gear. :slytf:

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Starting pitching Vs Royals has been bad.

A seeing eye single, getting squeezed by umps, and a broken bat 2 run bloop? Hard to beat a team with horseshoes and four leaf clovers shkved up their a $$ e $

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Finally got a call on an actual strike.

I hope our hitters were watching that display of hitting the ball where it's pitched, which put the two runners on base for the bloop. We're going to need some opposite field hitting to win this game.

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Unbelievable how lucky one team can get. Not to worry though, the Royals are well overdue for an anemic offensive stretch. Lets have that start right now.

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    • https://www.houstonchronicle.com/texas-sports-nation/astros/article/Astros-trade-for-pitcher-Hector-Velazquez-Orioles-15442933.php You might be thinking this guy.  He was traded so fast he probably never hit the 60 man.
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    • Again, you are making it clear that you do not consider anything that happened at Bowie in 2020 to matter.  From what I have read, the Orioles strongly disagree with you.  Maybe you are right and the Orioles will ignore what they saw in 2020 and place everyone at their 2019 levels, but I would tend to doubt that.  Mountcastle's promotion would seem to be solid evidence of the Orioles' view of the level of growth and learning that went on at Bowie.
    • I’m not insulting you at all.  You just aren’t answering any of the questions and it’s a waste of my time continue to ask you the same questions over and over again.  RZ has asked you and I have asked you and you still haven’t answered it.  You just aren’t comprehending what we are asking, so it’s not worth going any further. But sure, if you want to take that as Sports Guy is always right, be my guest...it goes along with the rest of your reading comprehension in this thread.(and pretty much all threads)
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