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vs. ROYALS, 10/15 (A.L.C.S., Game Four)

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It isn't criticizing the mods if I say good job to whomever banned him before right?

I can take credit. And his name is not Stan. In case someone thought I was slighting that noble name.

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Playing these 2 games in KC have really made a difference. We have hit at least- at least- 5 balls that would have definitely been HRs at OPACY.

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    • I'm fine with the personnel changes but I'm a bit at a loss when it comes to cutting the pre and post game shows.  
    • I see the opposite.  To me it looks more like someone trying to squeeze every penny out of their asset.  I can't see a potential buyer caring about an expense at this level.
    • In another thread, I looked at the top 5 drafted college hitters from each of 2015-17 to see how fast they reached the majors.   Three made it the year after they were drafted, three in the second year after they were drafted, seven in the third year after they were drafted, and two haven’t made it to the majors yet.   Of the players I listed who made it to the majors within two years, here are their paths (draft no. and position when drafted in parentheses): Swanson (1, SS) - Had an .876 OPS in 22 short season A games the year he was drafted.   Was ranked no. 17 by BA after that season.   Then hit .976 OPS in 21 Carolina League games and .745 in 84 Eastern League games before his August 17 call up. Bregman (2, SS) - Had a .699 OPS in 29 low A games and .839 in 37 A+ games in his draft year, was ranked no. 42 by BA after the season.  Had a .975/1.015 OPS in 62/18 games in AA/AAA the next year before his July 25 call-up. Benintendi (7, OF).    Had a .948/1.011 OPS in 35/18 games in SSA/low A in his draft year, and was ranked no. 15 by BA following that season.   Had a .972/.876 OPS in 34/63 games before his August 2 call-up. Happ (9, OF) - Had an .898/.763 in SSA/low A in 29/38 games the year he was drafted, and was ranked no. 87 by BA.   845/.733 in 69/65 games at high A/AA the next year, and .778 in 19 AFL games, was ranked no. 63.    .977 in 26 AAA games before called up on May 13. Haseley (8, OF) - .730/.694 in 35/18 SSA/low A games in his draft year, was unranked.   .758/.880 in 79/39 games at A+/AA the next year, was ranked no. 100 by BA.  Next year had .837/.847!in 44/18 games in AA/AAA before a June 4 call-up. Hiura (9, 2B) - Had a 1.339/.850 OPS in 15/27 games in rookie league/low A in his draft year, was ranked no. 47 by BA.   Next year had .911/.755 in 50/73 games in A+/AA, followed by .934 in 23 AFL games. Moved up to no. 17 ranking.   Then hit 1.088 OPS in 57 PCL games before his May 14 call-up.
    • This is terrible news if you are a long-time fan. Further adds to the theory that a for-sale sign may be going up in the near future. I'll miss Tom, Dave, Mike, and Rick. 
    • https://mobile.twitter.com/Jim22Palmer/status/1352689136755384321
    • Ah yes, I remember when I thought that was old!    Congratulations on completing the first third of your life!   (At least, that’s what I told myself when I hit that milestone.)
    • I doubt they’ll add anyone.   They still have three relatively young play by play announcers (Brown, Arnold, Newman), three relatively new ex-players (McDonald, Roberts, Olson), one veteran PBP guy (Garceau) and the Hall of Famer (Palmer).    I think the younger announcers did a solid job last year and will get better with experience.    That’s plenty of staffing.   Honestly, you could see this coming last year when they hired all these new folks.     
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