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What's your favorite candy bar?

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I'm a big Snickers fan, and I like a slew of others like Twix, Almond Joy, and others, but gun to my head, nothing beats a plain Hershey Bar!

These are nice too...


They're better without the wrapper.

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If we're sticking with just candy bars, Hershey's original chocolate bar/Hershey's original with almonds. Perfection attached on this side of the pond. After that, I'd say a Baby Ruth or PayDay. I'm more of a salty guy myself, so the more peanuts the better. I also liked the Take 5 bar they had out a few years ago, that had both plus pretzels in it. It was so wacky that it worked, not sure if it's still out.

They still make Take 5.

Snickers Peanut Butter. They should be outlawed!

This is up near the top of my list somewhere along with Peanut Butter M&Ms, regular Snickers, and Reeses cups. I can't pick one favorite.

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