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Kendry Morales??

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So you would be ok with just an .800 OPS out of DH?

That would be 4 points higher than last year (.796). Only 3 teams in the AL got an .800+ OPS out of their DH. Detroit, Boston, and Houston. The average was .744

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Morales is not out of the question but he's way down on the list of options and shouldn't be considered unless he's sitting out there in February and we haven't filled the DH spot.

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That would be 4 points higher than last year (.796). Only 3 teams in the AL got an .800+ OPS out of their DH. Detroit, Boston, and Houston. The average was .744

Bingo. You can do that with a .300 OBP.

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The question with him' date=' is do you believe 2014 was a aberration due to a late start or the beginning of a regression?[/quote']

absolutely right. That's DD's job and none of us really have a clue about that.

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    • By the way, I started this thread to post a bunch of cool and interesting stuff about the minor league Orioles.
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    • I am working from home. Luckily my job is pretty essential.   But I have worked from home since last fall.   So nothing new on that part. Last left the house for other than a walk around the neighborhood or in the backyard was a week and a half ago to pick up distance learning material from daughters school.   Had groceries delivered a few days ago. Also subscribe to Blue Apron to get some meal kits.  Wife is being paid to stay home.  So that helps with daughter being out of school.  Doing push-ups and jumping jacks at home along with walks to try and keep in shape.  Last weekend was pretty tough as it rained all weekend.  I did some hikes in the woods previously.  Hope to find some empty trails this weekend.   Not sure why there seems to be a shortage of eggs. Luckily I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and surprisingly there doesn't seem to be any shortage of them.  
    • We got the order to start working from home on 3/16.  It is a huge cultural change for the organization I support.  Since 3/13 I’ve been to the grocery store twice, ordered from Amazon once, picked up Chipotle once, and ordered pizza once.  I’m used to eating lunch out everyday, so this has been a big change. Silver lining, I gave up soda cold turkey.  Wrapping up three weeks tomorrow.  I can notice some weight dropping, but don’t want to go out and replace the batteries in my scale!
    • Really are you even reading what I am saying.  SCHOOLS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN SPECTATOR SPORTS.  Almost all governments will not allow baseball to happen.  They aren't' going to let a traveling virus show hit their town.   They can go play in Brazil like the UFC if they want to but it isn't going to happen here in the US.  The players will never go to a third world country. But you can live in your fantasy land if you want.   And the sports would take a tremendous backlash by even attempting something like you suggest.
    • They lied, but for them to go from saying lets start up basketball to saying oh standby we have an uptick again is still surprising to do.  Otherwise they would have continued with games.  In other news, Japan trying my theory didn't work. https://www.newsday.com/sports/columnists/david-lennon/japanese-baseball-mlb-coronavirus-return-1.43570449 so, my empty stadium quarantine is off the table.  
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