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John McGraw's and Wilbert Robertson's Former Baltimore Homes damaged in fire

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For those of you who care about OLD Orioles History (National League Orioles - three time world champions), here's a link to my post yesterday about a fire that damaged McGraw's and Robinson's former Baltimore homes. It includes pictures of other formerHall of Fame Orioles homes in Baltimore.


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    • I think the Orioles wanted Manny for the playoffs.  In a noncompetitive season they may have had a different view.
    • There were some aspects of the Manny knee situation I’d forgotten.   In particular, when Manny shut down and had surgery on the second knee, that wasn’t what the team wanted him to do.   "Our original approach was to have him rest and then to try to play and then see if he could play ball. We also knew there was a chance of a recurrence. Given this injury and the time of the season, we thought that we would rest it and try to recover and come back and play for the rest of the year. But Manny didn't feel that was the best option." (This quote from Duquette was in a post by weams without a link.).   It also seems that Manny had the option of “rest and rehab” with the first knee and opted for surgery.    Here’s a link to the weams post, which is in a very long thread on this topic.   https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17946-manny-machado-expected-to-have-surgery-on-knee-within-a-week/page/35/#comments Anyway, I’d say Manny really did the opposite of what Tatis is doing, i.e., favoring surgery over rest and rehab.    
    • The thing about Adam Is that he comes across as genuine. He’s not one of these arrogant jerks like “well, you remember that I never gave up a grand slam” Palmer who reminds us every single chance he gets, and shares memories like a king distributes largesse. Adam is just a guy telling stories. I wonder how he’d be as a broadcaster?
    • I'm 45 minutes in.  It's a good interview. I love Adam Jones as much as anyone else.  But he's about 10 years away from being a guy doing commentary on a broadcast and annoying the hell out of the audience like Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, etc with the "back in my day" type of attitude.
    • Adam will always be one of my favorite Orioles. I wonder who our next Adam Jones will be. Not only from a performance standpoint but from being outspoken and keeping it 💯.
    • There was definitely reporting that the defect was congenital and, I believe, present in both knees.   I don’t remember if the “when, not if” discussion was a reported opinion of doctors, or board speculation.   And, I don’t know if a doctor would recommend preemptive surgery even if the doctor thought the other knee would blow eventually.   The Tatis situation really does seem like wishful thinking on his part.   Five dislocations in one season?   I doubt exercises are going to fix that.   I remember Chris Webber had a problem with recurring shoulder dislocations and tried to avoid the knife but eventually had to do the surgery.     
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