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Maryland lands Diamond Stone

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So happy with the Stone arrival. Hoping that Layman decides to come back, because this team would be super deep and athletic with him. He may decide to leave because this might be his best chance at being drafted since he won't he asked to score as much next year. Saw some people saying Cekovsky or Wiley might transfer but I don't see that happening. Those guys aren't going to get tons of playing time elsewhere. Plus I would like to think that the concept of, "team," has some value.

The only reason I can see someone transferring is if they think they can make it to the next level with increased playing time.

Team hasn't won anything yet. No guarantee they even make the Sweet 16 next year. But it will be fun to watch. Hoping for a B1G title, regular season and/or tournament.

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If you are looking for live sports, The Basketball Tournament starts this weekend and the games are on ESPN.  I was checking out the website (which is only partially updated as far as I can tell).  From scanning the rosters, it looks like Diamond Stone, Dez Wells, and Damonte Dodd are playing.  

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    • No, I don’t think I ever ripped Heim and I don’t remember his mother posting here either.   I did say something about Parker Bridwell once that prompted a response from his mother’s account along the lines of “I bet you’re 40 years old and live in your mother’s basement.”   His mother later PM’d me to say she hadn’t sent that message, it was somebody else who had access to her account here.   Whatever I said about Bridwell was pretty mild if I recall correctly.   
    • I don't think Richie Martin is clogging the system. While Martin has been hurt a lot since making his debut in 2019 as a Rule 5 pick, he does have some value and still could end up an everyday second baseman, though I think his future is as a utility guy spelling guys against left-handed pitching.  Mason McCoy is starting in AAA and Martin can replace him while also bouncing around to other positions. Besides, Henderson needs to stay in Aberdeen all season and Westburg could move up to AA with time sharing SS with Grenier and 3B with Dorrian who can swing over to 1B.
    • Valdez doesn't really fire off anything.  Kinda soft tosses everything.  But point taken.  Yes, Shaun Anderson would be another candidate to be DFA'd, too.
    • No reason to not stick Jones at 2B all year. I mean Steve Pearce played 2B for a few games. It’s not like Jones is going to kill us in the standings.    Do we really have an OF jam?  We have a bunch of names but each of them has their knocks. Health being the biggest one so far.    Martin needs to get some MLB ABs this year if healthy. We need to see what we have before roster decision time in the offseason. Leyba and Valaika haven’t produced. Urias, Martin, and Jones, should be the next IF to see what they can do. 
    • Seems like a strange time to promote Jones considering he's been in a slump for the last few weeks slashing .160/.208/.280/.488 over his last 14 games and 54 PAs. While Jones has held his own at AAA this season, he's hit just .238/.347/.420/.767 in 168 PAs this season against AAA right-handers. He's mashed left-handers which reminds me a bit of Richie Martin. Defensively, I see a guy without great hands who doesn't turn a double play that great. Pat Valaika is definitely a steadier second baseman overall and has a stronger arm than Jones. His best position may ultimately be in left field, but I'm not sure he has the bat to profile there unless it's in a 4th outfielder type role and while his bat may be better than McKenna's, I don't think he's going to bring the defense and speed McKenna brings to the 4th outfielders role. Ultimately, he's on the 40-man roster so if they want to take a look at him at 2B over Valaika that's fine since Valaika is not the future nor does he have trade value and is most likely a DFA candidate after the season. But saying that, I prefer to see guys promoted when they're hot, not cold.  
    • First of all because not everyone grossly overrates defense like you do. Secondly because guys can improve.  Because we have no options and because in a year where winning isn’t important, you experiment with things to see what works long term. If it fails, so what?  What will we have lost?  Will we be in much worse shape?  
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