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vs. BLUE JAYS, 5/13

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    • I'm beginning to wonder if they'll play a single game this season. I'm also starting to get a bit stir crazy. It's amazing how much smaller your home feels when you spend the majority of the time inside. I'm also a bit jealous of pet owners. This would be a great time to have a dog. Can I temporarily adopt one online and have it delivered? 😆 How is everyone else doing? Working from home? Making trips to the grocery store? Those trips are feeling more and more tenuous by the minute. I really feel for those employees. I'd really like to see ALL stores put a restriction on the number of customers they allow in the store at one time for the sake of the employees. People can't police themselves on their own or restrain from overspending / hoarding supplies. If they have to wait in line maybe they'll think twice about making three trips to the store in a week. 
    • Funny, I didn’t remember Snyder being that good against us.    I think I had him on my fantasy team once during his good years. I certainly remember how Kinsler owned us throughout his career.  
    • What are you talking about?  MLB isn't public school or private school.  It is its own business.  You are essentially comparing apples with hammers.  As to the government not allowing them to play, there is a USG social distancing policy right now through April 30th.  It is not a law.  In some states it has been but not all.  NBA and NHL are looking to do the move to central locations and quarantine players while playing in closed environments.  If MLB wanted, they could send the teams to a state that is not on lockdown order and start playing today.  That is not going to happen because of several reasons, one being that that state will soon be on lockdown.   I did not say they will start up now, but your saying schools are closed therefore baseball is shot is a stupid analogy was my point.  They could play today, but obviously won't happen.  I would be okay with them starting in quarantined sites to empty stadiums.  It is weird.  It was weird watching WWE, which I have resorted to to get some sports in my system.  And it was weird to watch UFC.  Will be again if UFC 249 occurs, but it's better that than watching the news or ESPN re-playing games and having "family movie nights."
    • Well here's a Jackson quote about playing for Earl. "Reggie Jackson only played one season for Weaver but said: “I loved the little Weave. If you made a mental mistake, you saw him waiting for you on the top step of the dugout when you came back in. He’d just say one word, ‘Why?’ And you better have an answer. On his team, if you didn’t ‘think the game,’ you had a problem. He was right in your face.”
    • Not good if true. But many tests give false positives and negatives.      
    • As long as the pandemic remains unchecked, the economy is going to suffer either way, whether people are social distancing or not. If everyone goes back to work while coronavirus is still running rampant, making people sick and killing people, that doesn't help anyone. We certainly all want this to be over, but you can't rush anything. I don't think July 1 is a feasible start date for MLB unless the testing capabilities are so plentiful that you could test every player (and coach, staffer, TV crew worker, etc.) every single day. Otherwise there's nothing preventing a player from getting the virus and unknowingly spreading it to the rest of his team. Even if it is possible for players to get back to action, I don't see any way you could have fans in attendance anytime in 2020, barring a vaccine miraculously being ready sometime this summer.
    • Seniors ,waived on Thursday.    Matthews, NC – Harris Teeter today announced it will expand its shopping hours for seniors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning Monday, March 30, the company will offer two hours for senior shoppers aged 60 and over each Monday and Thursday from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. until further notice.  To further enhance its commitment to protecting its senior shoppers, Harris Teeter will open its Pharmacies at 7 a.m. every Monday and Thursday and provide more fresh offerings during the designated senior shopping hours. Harris Teeter is also designating ExpressLane Online Shopping pick-up times from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for seniors only every Thursday. The company will waive the $4.95 fee and offer $5 delivery (normally $10) for seniors during these times. “The designated shopping hours will provide a genuine opportunity for senior shoppers to purchase what they need while practicing the CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines,” said Danna Robinson, communication manager for Harris Teeter. “As the situation continues to evolve, we are listening to our associates and shoppers feedback and will modify our plans to best serve the needs of our communities.” The company invites its Senior shoppers to take advantage of the 5% Senior Club discount every Thursday. For the most updated information regarding COVID-19, shoppers are encouraged to visit     Problem is at least in Maryland the pickups go out almost four or five days to get a slot.
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