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vs. YANKEES, 6/13

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Who are the Yankee's playing tonight? Haven't heard the announcers mention them.....hmmmmm

Yeah it's like these guys have forgotten who won the division last year. I mean I got the lack of respect when we weren't good but we've had a better record the past three years.

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    • You are right..it’s not the answer I’m looking for because it’s not an answer to the question you were asked. If I ask you, what is your favorite color and you tell me a banana, that is an answer and it’s not one I’m looking for..that doesn’t mean in insulting you, it just means that trying to discuss this with you when you clearly don’t want to answer the questions and you want your agenda is a waste of time.  
    • Two milion?  You better check again.
    • I think people also have to remember where guys are in their careers. Diaz has almost 1500 MiL at bats.  He has over 700 at bats in AA alone and he has an OpS of 834 there.  Elias said that he would have been in AAA in 2019 had he not had injuries.  He doesn’t need to go to AA again.  He doesn’t have anything left there to prove.  He also just turned 24, so he is getting too old for the league anyway. Rutschman is an elite college bat.  He turns 23 in a few months.   By all accounts, he has looked great in the camps of 2020. You don’t just keep elite guys that are advanced in age and approach in the minors for that long.  It doesn’t happen and it shouldn’t happen.  If he was a 20 year old kid out of HS, it would be different.  But he’s not.  Now, he does have to perform a lot better than what we saw in 2019 but again, that goes without saying. Give him some time down there, make sure you gain the extra year this year and perhaps give him enough time to avoid Super 2 since he has so little pro experience but come early June or so, he should be ready to be here, if not sooner. The reality is, im fine with bringing him up as soon as they gain the extra year of service time in 2021.  I’m sure they will give him more time than just a few weeks though.
    • So I'm too stupid to "Comprehend" what you are asking.....But your not throwing insults! Same old Shtick!!!! I said that when Manicini was promoted it wasn't after a season where he didn't have a competitive AB. There is nothing wrong with that answer other than that is the answer you were looking for! I said Diaz season where he hit .262/807 was at AA and not AAA. So therefore the 2 circumstances are the same. Anyone with a little bit of intelligence can understand these differences (SEE I CAN DO IT ALSO!). Also ..... Diaz was a highly sought after IFA that got a 2 million dollar gift from the Dodgers that we received as a part of the Machado deal. I'd assume you'd agree that expectations should be higher for a high priced IFR or a #1 overall selection like Adley compared to your expectations for an 8th round pick that received a nominal bonus. People were "Meh" about getting Stallings (a 5th rounder) for Iglesias
    • https://www.houstonchronicle.com/texas-sports-nation/astros/article/Astros-trade-for-pitcher-Hector-Velazquez-Orioles-15442933.php You might be thinking this guy.  He was traded so fast he probably never hit the 60 man.
    • You don't think it would be shortsighted to rely on traditional counting stats to determine if a player is worthy of promotion? why even have an analytics department?
    • Zero teams ever have had a lineup composed entirely of “complete hitters”.
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