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Can't believe UNC got destroyed like they did in the first 15 minutes or so. Nice comeback though. I'll root for Memphis in the finals since they've seemingly been disrespected by so many fans and media members in the tourney.

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    • Will you stop interrupting this important conversation about crab cakes?  😎  Servideo has not signed yet, to my knowledge.   Hopefully soon.     I generally only eat crab cakes when I’m at a pretty nice restaurant.    I’ve never experienced a real lower-end (price-wise) crab cake place.    They don’t really exist in DC or its suburbs, unfortunately.     
    • Sad as it is to say, Bud was way better.
    • Yeah, It was and we got unlucky not to win a WS with it.   Thinking back Bonilla (mostly) and his agent were masterful in ensuring he’d have an income most of the rest of his life. $1 million until 2035 by the Mets was masterful. Hard to believe the Mets would agree to it.    Getting paid $34 million and for 34 years after his retirement. I know deferred money is more common now. But, Bobby was ahead of the curve. Also, $1 million was more in 2001 than it is in today’s game. The other $500,000 partially from us until 2023 was also an extra 24 years of income.
    • And you know this how? I ask because I’m a restaurant guy that was in the process of buying/opening a restaurant in Westminster when the pandemic hit in March. My initial thought was on crabs (AUCE) and full service options for breakfast through dinner.    I spoke to several distributors and most of the crabs and crabmeat is from Louisiana and Texas. Here Maryland/Virginia product is mixed in during the season. In bulk, the Louisiana stuff is very affordable even for Jumbo Lump.    FYI, G&M and Timbuktu were owned by the same family for a considerable amount of years. I can’t say that I know if they still are but any change would’ve been in the last couple of years. Speaking of foreign crab meat, It’s Phillips that uses crab meat from a cove they created in Indonesia. They transported Blue Crab from here to there and it’s essentially farm raised, fed fish local to that area, and tastes off IMO. @CarrRun49 You can almost always get Backfin at Giant for around $12. It’s from South America, Peru as I recall. Which is much better than making it out of canned Salmon. The thought of that makes me want to 🤮  I think I’d rather not have them
    • Thank you for the video. I generally “scout” high school players and really hadn’t watched that much of him but he really has a sweet swing. His outfield play isn’t amazing but much better than we have marched out their since Markakis wasn’t resigned. Man that is a great swing!  I know I have said this before, but I was told 15-20 years ago that when you draft, you don’t want the 16 year old with a full beard because he is already peaking maturely but a 20 year old that can’t grow a beard has more to grow into. Not every gm goes with that, but this kid looks like a kid and has room to grow. Also with that logic, they haven’t peaked performance wise.  Physically I can see him turning into a Manny Ramirez body type(let’s hope he has that kind of career without whatever). Also why I like Rutschman, baby face with room to mature into a projectable body type. He reminds me of a Buster Posey at the same age.  Great job on this pick. I was never sold on Martin or Torkleson  (If any Os exects want to employ me, reach out and send me to Cuba!)😉
    • Every time I hear Crab cakes I think about Koco's Pub. Really miss those.
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