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The Elephant In The Room (International Talent)

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Not that it's an acceptable excuse now, but I wouldn't have invested much in overseas talent--at least not until we fixed/improved our amateur scouting & drafting + farm system overall.  We could neither draft nor develop talent for over a decade.  Attention and resources to fix such first, which I feel like we have done (& are currently doing). But while fixing the system, we should've been planning how & when to eventually invest internationally, as opposed to dismissing/ignoring the opportunities to acquire talent altogether. I'm sure there's a fiscally reasonable means of implementing and growing an international scouting department as evidenced by other lower market teams. [The question I have is, are top-market teams & their greater amount of resources ($$$) successfully identifying int'l talent at a better rate than the bottom-market teams that have invested internationally? If so, such a competitive advantage is a major deterrent from investing too much in the int'l arena. (not that the O's need another excuse, but it's a viable one IMO)].

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But the O's do lead the league in elephants in the room - they need large doubly enforced steel rooms.  The have one for ignoring international talent, one for who's in charge of major player signings and acquisitions, one for not developing pitchers who later show their talent elsewhere, one for not doing anything about extending or trading major assets such as Machado, Schoop, and Britton, one for the lame duck status of both the GM and Manager, and maybe a whole separate one for whatever Brady Anderson's role is.  Tusk tusk.    

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14 hours ago, weams said:

Julio Pablo Martinez, a 21-year-old center fielder, (is) one of the top young players in Cuba and has talent on par with a first-round pick if he were in the draft. A lefty around 5-foot-10, 185 pounds, Martinez in his last season in Cuba hit .333/.469/.498 with 52 walks, 30 strikeouts and six home runs in 264 plate appearances with 24 stolen bases in 29 tries. Martinez has a promising combination of power, speed and athleticism in center field.

Read more at https://www.baseballamerica.com/international/three-teams-watch-julio-pablo-martinez/#tGOpqHP0Je4Vo2UX.99

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