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vs. MARINERS, 8/11

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God, the give back just decimates this ball club. Its absolutely uncanny in the bottom of our run scoring innings.

I bet they lead the league

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Can we get more than four runs? It's a big hill to climb for our offense.

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    • o   In this pandemic-shortened season, the Orioles seem to have lost numerous close, hard-fought games against the Rays.   o
    • I would not think so. We got a lot for Givens. 
    • 8 games left and he is now at 92 at-bats after getting 3 at-bats in each of the last 3 games (11 plate appearances total). Helps keep the at-bats down when the team can't score any runs. Would need 38 at-bats over the final 8 games to lose rookie/prospect eligibility. Mountcastle has only had 5 at-bats in 3 games thus far this season, so the chances of him getting 5 at-bats in 6 of his final 8 games are pretty much non-existent. 
    • As of 9-19 Sisco  0 PB 13 WP -3 dRS -2.7 dWAR  Overall 0.3 fWAR Severino  5 PB 15 WP -1DRS dWAR. 04 Overall .7 fWAR  I included wild pitches Because it can be debatable whether the blame should be on the catcher or the pitcher, but Sisco Is clearly better at stopping pitches. But neither of these guys will make any other team go googly eyed.
    • This is where Sisco is today the 19th. He has improved, in K and BB rats especially, but I don’t think anyone is going to be in a rush to trade anything meaningful for him. His defense remains bad and he offers nothing as a runner.  32.4 K rate .340 BABIP .235 AVG .381 OBP 125 WRC .03 fWAR
    • I’m pretty sure he would be claimed, but that would actually be good for the Orioles. If he does, he gets the benefit of coaching from the new team, and we can watch him develop, or not, on a real life stage. If it is unlikely that he does well Enough to stick, when he returns to us, we will have had the benefit of the empty roster spot, but also the benefit another team coaching, and whatever experience he has on the major league stage, if he gets that far. And when he returns to us, we will have that much more knowledge and can deal with him more effectively. Of course there’s always the risk that he makes it all the way with his new team, and I guess that’s the risk we have to take. After all, TJ McFarland has had a pretty good career throwing in the upper 80s.
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