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Mike Aviles....My First Favorite Indians Player...*Tear Jerker Alert*

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I had not run into this until I saw as a related story on a article about Farrell and his lymphoma. I can honestly say I rarely if ever cry but this vid had my on that precipice. The thing that stuck out to me was the happiness in Mike Aviles face, now I got a guy I like in Cleveland. Wish him and his family the best in their daughters tough fight ahead.I felt compelled to post this, sick kids need all the good vibes they can get, its never fair, hopeful a few people see it and send out their prayers/good vibes/happy thoughts or whatever it is you do their way.


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I read during the trade deadline that the Indians were getting a lot of interest in Aviles but refused to trade him so he didnt have to leave his daughter. Gained a lot of respect for the Indians.

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    • To everyone who reads these posts I apologize for being behind.  My work schedule at the hospital and the demands of laboratory testing for Covid-19 has really caused havoc with my schedule.  I plan to be caught up and current by tomorrow.  Thanks for your support and patience.
    • #50THANNIVERSARY On this day in 1970, the Orioles beat the Kansas City Royals 3-1.  Dave McNally won his 14th game of the season with a complete game 5 hit effort.  McNally walked none and struck out 6. Among the Orioles' 9 hits, Mark Belanger went 3 for 4 with 1 run scored and 1 stolen base while Brooks Robinson went 2 for 3 with 1 run scored. At the end of the month, the Bird's record stood at 64-39. BOX SCORE
    • I like it after seeing it Saturday night. That was very exciting! EVERY half inning was suspenseful. Of course it could be brutally painful... but still would be edge of your seat baseball. MUCH better to be the home team. Even more so than the traditional format.
    • "Live" 11:30 replay just finished. Sweep! GO O's!!!
    • I'm finding myself really looking forward to games these days. I really like what I've seen from Ruiz, Nunez, Iglesias, and Alberto.  But Stewart looks like an automatic out to me. 
    • Fun watching him get swing and misses on that 87mph fastball. 
    • C (2014): Wieters only played 26 games in 2014.  Joseph logged 82 games, the rest split between Nick Hundley and Steve Cleveinger.  The highest OPS of that group is .625.  Wieters himself OPS 839.   C(2020):  both Severino and Sisco OPS'ing over .850 so far.   I'll call this one of a win for the 2020 Orioles. Severino/Sisco >> Joseph/Hundley/Clevenger.   1B:  Davis.   Although he did have a down year in 2014 with only a .700 OPS.  2014 Davis >>>> 2020 Davis.   However, its unclear he will get the majority of starts for the rest of the season.  But I'll count this as a win for 2014 Os regardless.  We don't know if/when Mountcastle gets called up.   2B 2014 Schoop had a terrible year, OPS .598.  Alberto the clear winner hear SS 2014 Hardy OPS 682 vs 2020 Iglesias 1316.  Clear win for 2020 3B 2014 Machado OPS 755 vs 2020 Ruiz 1112.  Win for 2020 LF 2014 David Lough OPS 694 vs 2020 DSJ 808.  DJ Stewart has more games, but I'd venture he's not going to get much more chances.  I'm gonna call this one for 2020. CF 2014 Jones OPS 780 vs Hays 300.  Win for 2014 obviously RF 2014 Markakis OPS 729 vs. Santander 734.  I'll call this one a tie. DH 2014 Cruz OPS 859 vs. Nunez 955.   I''d venture that Nunez doesn't finish better than 859, so I'll call this one a win for 2014.  Final score 2020 O's 5, 2014 Os 3, 1 tie.                
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