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vs. RAYS, 9/01

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Isn't that was base coaches are for? Did Dickerson say anything? Was Manny listening to him? There was plenty of time -- the play took forever to unfold.

Manny didn't really leave the bag until the last moment.

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It feels like this team is trying to not score I swear. That's little league right there! Tag regardless...you will score either way geez

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Bordick really took that in a bizzare direction. If manny thought it was going to fall in why does that matter he could have walked home. He was maybe 5 feet off the base and didn't tag!

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    • I think there is potential here as a starter.  Very raw, 21 years old, but has There are a lot of prospects on this list where you wonder what they spend 2020 doing?  He's one of them.  98 mph FB, very high ceiling, high K rate potential; if he impresses, try to hide him and maybe let him open or go long relief at times Young, only 22, and threw a lot of effective innings in 2018-19.  Lots of early experience.  Could come in and compete for #5 spot or long relief.  Originally pegged as a AAAA, but he has the body to add more strength so stuff may jump this year. Late bloomer, but a 100 mph arm.  Has been given starter and long relief role in the minors.  Another one where you wonder how he spend 2020.  Could be a BP piece this year then developed as a starter if that still seems like a reasonable track to put him on. Young, lots of early success as well.  Kind of a messy start to his career as he was part of the Braves intl signing class that was then penalized, so Rosario signed with Royals.  Lots of upside, could compete for the #5 spot I really like this pick as potential IF competition.  He was a Cuban defector that signed for big money.  He has performed well in the minors his past two seasons.  He is still very young, 22, so he could come into his own depending on how he spend 2020.  Could come in and push for innings at 2B and 3B. He was talked about a lot last season too and no one picked him.  Its a year later, and he is 25.  It might be time to pick him and let him contend for the #5 spot.  He still has big stuff and he's another one that may have worked hard in 2020 to improve behind the scenes.  With his age, its kind of now or never time and there is an opportunity in Baltimore for the #5 starter spot. Described as a poor man's Kyle Hendricks, he's 25 has had a lot of innings and decent success in the upper minors.  He could also be brought in to compete for a #5 starter spot. Another potential pick I really like. He's 24, has put up really solid K numbers the past two seasons.  His 2018 was baller.  He tops at 94 mph, change up is best off speed pitch with a curve. Poor man's John Means? 27 Years old, essentially MLB ready and might be a cheap and equal replacement for Hanser Alberto. Could have 15-20 HR potential if he sticks.  Low risk, high reward type pick.  Crapped out in 80 ABs for the Pirates in 2018-19, but change of scenery and patience could be a place for him to become a piece.  If he did stick, could be a great trade chip down the road. Former 1st Round Pick. FB back up to 97 mph after TJ surgery.  Missed all of 2019.  Could be worth bringing him in and seeing if he still has 1st Round stuff. Pitched well in 2018 when healthy. 23 and only 143 professional innings. He has a solid pitching repertoire and he actually got a cup of coffee in 2019. He missed all of 2020 with TJ, so he could be one to draft and immediately put on the DL.  He threw a lot of innings in the MILB with solid K rates.  Could be worth trying to stash for later starter competition. He progressed in his second full year of A+ ball.  He played both seasons there much younger than the league average.  He has the 2nd round pedigree, and he is one who I wonder how he spend 2020.  With his age, 22, he could becoming into his skill set and potential.  He might be worth bringing in to run next to Ruiz and see if he can push him at 3B. I like this pick.  He has a solid arsenal of pitches. Had AA success in 2019.  Does a good job getting RHs out.  Could be competition for #5 starter or long relief role. Real Power potential, but he bottomed out in 2019.  He would have probably had a full 2nd year there in 2020 and could have made bigger strides in his game.  Apparently he is a very good middle infielder as well. Could be worth bringing him in to push Alberto, Valkaika, etc. 6'4 frame. Had a very impressive 2019.  There is a lot of swing and miss potential in his game.  Only 22, he could be one to bring in and see if he can compete for #5 or a long relief role.
    • Very few teams in the National League have a full time DH.
    • 2021 Orioles may no have one player that is a full time DH.  Most teams don't.
    • I dunno.  In holidays/daydream mode, I'm still navel gazing for a Severino non-tender as a leading indicator of Week 2 Adley. Clubs are a couple weeks away from having to show their non-tender cards as the revenue ripples start floating out.
    • If they keep the expanded roster size then that really de-values position players. You can platoon your way through a season like the Dodgers and Rays did.    I think Alberto is gone. The Sanchez situation is a tough one to predict. I think we keep Valaika, and he could get lots of ABs at 3B and 2B. 
    • I and others have already agreed that is largely money driven but it's a combination of the money and what Nunez brings to the table.   If Nunez was an average or slightly below average 3B, they would gladly pay him the 2M or whatever.  They believe he's easily replaceable,  whether that be Stewart being the DH or a rotation of players into that spot while players like Valaika and Mullins give starters days off in the field.  Again, I agree the O's are being cheap. No argument there.  I just don't have a problem with their cheapness with this move.
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