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vs. RAYS, 9/01

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Isn't that was base coaches are for? Did Dickerson say anything? Was Manny listening to him? There was plenty of time -- the play took forever to unfold.

Manny didn't really leave the bag until the last moment.

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It feels like this team is trying to not score I swear. That's little league right there! Tag regardless...you will score either way geez

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Bordick really took that in a bizzare direction. If manny thought it was going to fall in why does that matter he could have walked home. He was maybe 5 feet off the base and didn't tag!

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    • We'll see what happens. I don't want to sound too negative. I actually like Kjerstad and hope that Elias truly was ahead of the curve in seeing a fundamental change in approach through team USA and early 2020. Plus I really like Westburg, Baumler and Mayo, so feel like the combined profile is deeper than it would have been if we just went Martin, who might not even be the hitter of Kjerstad. Anyway, for just about any profile, given Covid, I find it hard to believe they're helpful before mid next year. On net, that means they won't be a 1:1 replacement for a guy like Santander.  There's honestly a million ways to go that I'd be ok with. If the goal is really to build this team for 2023 and beyond, which I'd argue it should be, then I'm more on board with trading Santander and others. If I believed ownership would support a trade and replace (e.g., $$) strategy like SG and you are sort of implying we should do, I'd also be on board. If the goal is to replace from our OF depth, I think it pushes things back a year. 
    • I know what I said.  I didn't like the pick. But I also don't think spending an extra year in the minors is going to fundamentally change who he is.  Unless you have to do something drastic, like rebuild a swing (Stewart, Grenier), college bats picked in the first round aren't going to need a ton of developing.
    • For reference, you should go back and read your own comments in the draft thread. The kid k'd a ton. One poster pointed to mental errors in the outfield and on the basepaths. He is not a burner. Probably reminds us as a Mountcastle with a better arm in the outfield. Could end up at 1st base. I hope like hell his bat is amazing, but he was an under slot guy that we took in hopes of getting one of the big arms with our 2nd pick. Didn't work out. Doesn't mean he won't work out, but he's not your typical 1-2 profile.
    • You think he would have to be very advanced to be of help after a year and a half in the minors? How high is your bar for "help"?  If he can put up 1 WAR in half a season while making league minimum does that qualify as "help"?  I'd say it does.  I'd also say that a very realistic scenario for a college bat that went 1-2. Of course I won't at all be surprised if Elias instead games his service time.  Or if we don't have a 2022 season at all.
    • New Santander piece from Roch this morning.  Nothing earth shattering.  They are talking to the Marlins.  Worth sharing to stimulate more debate. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/01/wondering-whether-it-makes-sense-to-keep-or-trade-santander.html
    • See, if this is the assessment, I'm much more on board with trading Santander and Mancini this year, even for moderate returns. Absent a really nice return, it's really about 2022 to me. When does Elias want us to be competitive? Kjerstad would have to be very advanced to help us for even 1/2 of next year. Diaz is a wild card in all of this. His success or failure could also change my mind, as could a trade for a quality ML 2b/3b/ss, which in theory could be a push for us but focus on a position of need.
    • Wow! 112 avg. in duckpins is very VERY good! I haven't thrown duckpins in 35+ years? Since I was married. Wasn't good at all, I doubt I ever broke 100.
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